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It's better to take a couple of days to see the more important fallas. You can visit them at any time. There is also a lot of people watching fallas late in the night. All the fallas are free to see but some of the most important cost an samll fee to get inside the fences where you can visit them without stress.

See the winner of Special section and 1st A, the normal and the child falla. try to visit the falla with the pardoned ninot.


Child fallas are burned at 20h of the day 19. The winner at 20:30h and the cinty council falla at 21h.

Normal fallas are burnt by night at 22h, the winner at 22:30h and the city council falla at 23h. In theory the last being burnt is the city council falla.

In practice there are some other fallas still standing after 23h awaiting for the firemen that must be present for the burn of bif fallas or fallas in narrow streets.

That's why you can see burn more fallas after seeing the city council falla burning. There will be some left around the area of Cánovas.

Some big fallas in narrow streets are hard to see being burnt as most of the street is closed.

crema convento 07
crema convento 07

Fallas museum

Can be visited all the year. Holds the pardoned ninots of all the years since this was put into practice. It's by the side of the City of Arts and Science.

Location of the fallas museum.

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Lighted streets

Some Fallas also compete to get the award for best lighted street. In the past the awards have shared Falla Sueca-Azorín and Falla Cuba-Azorín. Other fallas may compete any year.

In the illumination of fallas Cuba and Sueca-Azorín there is a lighting ceremony with lights and sound games. They put a sign at the entrance of the illuminated area with the schedule of this ceremonies. A shorter ceremony is then repeated several times later.
Since 2021 there are no more lightning ceremonies.

Location of the best lightned streets.

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lights of falla Sueca-Azorín 2006
lights of Nou Campanar 2007
lights of falla Cuba-Azorín 2012
lights of   falla Sueca-Azorín 2012