- Tours 1/3

These tours can be made in one day, but it's really tired. I recommend tow or three days for the complete tour. With these tours you can see the more important fallas and to walk by the areas most important during fallas fiesta. Are ideally for at least two days.

Most of the streets in the city center are closed to the traffic, and that's the reason why it's recommendable using the metro or just walking to get to the center. Be careful when using the busese as many lines are diverted and the duration of the ride is unpredicatable. If you use buses to get to the center, leave them when they are close to the center, about 5 minutes walking. The closer to the center the hardest to move by car or bus and the faster it's walking.

The maps have marked Fallas of Special, Categories 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 3a, several 3b and Special Child for the year 2012. The categories of fallas are based on their budget for the monument and may vary from year to year.

Falla Ayuntamiento

Beginning in the city council square, for example after the mascleá display. As the crowd is leaving the square we can see the Falla Ayuntamiento (city council Falla).

Nearby fallas of special section are 'Convento de Jerusalén' (at the street of the same name) and 'El pilar' (in the El Pilar square), placed as it's indicated in the map.

Route from the council's Falla to Falla Convento and Pilar.

See route in a wider map

   Suggested route

   Route with metro towards Campanar

Fallas Plaza del Pilar and Convento de Jerusalén

Falla of Plaza del Pilar is in an small square but it isn't very difficult to find.

The street of falla Convento de Jerusalén use to have many stalls, it's better to avoid this crowded street and get in by a side street and visit this falla in the hours not as crowded as usual, in the mornings before mascleta or late in the evening.

Both fallas are very important, made by the best artists, and are always fighting for the first prizes.

From the center we can go to the Nou Campanar and Antiga Campanar Fallas which are a bit far for going walking.

It's a good idea to take the metro at 'Plaza de Espanya' or 'A Guimerá' and take line 1 to the station of 'Campanar'.

In tours 3 is explained how to get there.

Fallas Merced and Mercado Central

From the falla of El Pilar, we must go through some narrow streets to an avenue that will lead us to the central market. Falla Merced is located near this market, in an small square.

This is a long tradition falla, has won several times but a long time ago. In year 2013 it is no more special section but first A.

Anyway as it's ver centrical, we can easily get there to see the falla, it won't take too much time.

Central Market falla is of 1st category and one of the oldest, there are some other interesting fallas in the area of diverse categories.

Route from the Falla Pilar to Falla Merced.

See route in a wider map

   Suggested route

   Route Ayuntamiento-Covento-Pilar

In the map can be seen quite near the 'plaza redonda' (round square). It's an small square with a flea market. In front of the central market is locate the 'Lonja', nice example of gothic style civil construction, very nice inside too.

Falla Na Jordana

From the central market we walk to the old riverbed of Turia river(now a park) to see the Falla of Na Jordana.

We arrive at the confluence of the Quart and the Caballeros streets by the Tossal square, an area with a lot of bars and cafés. We can try 'Agua de Valencia' (alcoholic mixed drink) in some of the cafes in this square.

We can continue down the Quart street to reach Quart towers in the area where there are interesting fallas in various categories. From there we continue towards the river and Falla Na Jordana

From there we can get to Plaza the la Virgen, where the flower offering takes place. In the map appears the Plaza de la Virgen, where is located the cathedral. The cathedral tower is called 'El Miguelete', you can get to the top and enjoy nice sights of all Valencia. In this cathedral is kept the 'real' Grial.

Route from the Falla Merced to Falla Na Jordana.

See route in a wider map

   Suggested route Merced to Na Jordana via Quart

   Route from Na Jodana to Plaza de la Virgen

Falla Na Jordana is one of the most important. Is located in the edge of the old center of Valencia, and if we are only going to see the Fallas in the center, it's the farest we are going to see, but it normally worths.

To get back to the center we will follow the riverbed and see some other fallas in our way, take the Serranos street to the Virgen square.

In this square takes place the offering of flowers. If it's taking place in that moment, it's better to take the Caballeros street to go back to Tossal square and from there to the city council square.