- Tours 2/3

Following this fallas tour now we must get back to the city council square, going trough Virgen square, but if there is the offering take the route marked in pink.

Near La Reina square is the street 'Marqués de Dos Aguas', with the palace of the same name that holds a museum. The building is very interesting from outside.

Route from the Virgen square to the Council square.

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From the city council square we will go to the are around Gran Via to see more interesting fallas.

Fallas Cadarso and Regne Valencia

As we walk to the special section fallas of Cadarso and Regne de Valencia we can see some of the nearby fallas in the area of diverse categories.

Moreover it worths going to the Coló market, a bulding of modernist style restored a few years ago.

Route from the council's Falla to Falla Cadarso and Regne.

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   Route Ayuntamiento-Cadarso

   Route Cadarso-Regne Valencia

Fallas Cuba-Azorín and Sueca-Azorín

From the Regne de Valencia avenue we can go to see the fallas of Sueca-Azorín and Cuba-Azorín. Both have remarkable lightned streets, but the best is Sueca street. It's recommended to visit this area by night.

Route from Falla Regne to Sueca and Cuba-Azorín

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   Suggested route

To see better the lighted street of Sueca get into this street coming from Gran Via Germanias. There are many fallas in this area too and some of them of the highest categories.

If you want to buy bangers and other poyrothecnical stuff, here is a good place, 'El Fallero', located at Sueca street and 'Pyroshopping' at Cádiz street.