Fallas 2019 - Photos and videos


May/2019 Falla Antiga Campanar, 1st prize.

Photos of Falla Antiga Campanar "Play, play ... and you'll see".

In the workshop they fix the broken toys of a society that breaks them or tries to repair them.

May/2019 Child Falla Gozalbo-Altea, 1st prize.

Photos of Child Falla Gozalbo-Altea "If you fail".

If there is something that children do is make mistakes, that is the only way to learn because without mistakes there will never be any success.

May/2019 Falla Convento Jerusalén, 3rd prize.

Photos of Falla Convento Jerusalén "The musical".

The singer and the pianist pay homage to the musicals of yesterday, today and always.

May/2019 Child Falla Convento Jerusalén, 2nd prize.

Photos of Child Falla Convento Jerusalén "Valencian tales".

As would be the most popular stories if we transform it into Valencian versions.

May/2019 Falla El Pilar, 2nd prize.

Photos of Falla El Pilar "Who moves the threads?".

Who moves the threads of immigration, of independence, of tradition?.

May/2019 Child Falla Espartero-GV Ramón y Cajal, 9th prize.

Photos of Child Falla Espartero-GV Ramón y Cajal "Poetics of fire".

We put our effort into creating wonderful things. We are creators, and destruction is our poetry. The poetics of fire.

April/2019 Children Fallas of Sections 02 to 22.

Photos of Children Fallas of Sections 02 to 22 rest of sections of children fallas of Valencia.

April/2019 Fallas Sections 1B to 8C.

Photos of Fallas Sections 1B to 8C rest of sections of Valencia fallas.

April/2019 Falla Regne Valencia, 8th prize.

Photos of Falla Regne Valencia "Facing battle".

Facing the day to day is a continuous battle whose only objective is to reach the next confrontation.

April/2019 Child Falla Salvatierra-Amorós, 12th prize.

Photos of Child Falla Salvatierra-Amorós "Look, listen and do not be silent".

Ways to communicate and examples of types of communication: written, oral, visual and sound.

April/2019 Falla Sueca-Azorín, 7th prize.

Photos of Falla Sueca-Azorín "Dead of fear".

There are those who die of laughter, others of boredom, a few of love and many others of envy, anger or pain.

April/2019 Child Falla Sueca-Azorín, 10th prize.

Photos of Child Falla Sueca-Azorín "Talent".

We all have a talent, we just have to know how to find it, we all have the ability to be original.

April/2019 Child Falla Ciscar-Burriana, 11th prize.

Photos of Child Falla Ciscar-Burriana "Boom!".

Apocalyptic falla aimed for children and the terrible consequences of a nuclear explosion.

Pardoned child ninot

April/2019 Children Fallas of 1st Section.

Photos of Children Fallas of 1st Section the silver section of Valencia Children Fallas.

April/2019 Fallas 1st A Section.

Photos of Fallas of 1st A section the silver section of Valencia Fallas.

April/2019 Falla Na Jordana, 5th prize.

Photos of Falla Na Jordana "Paris, well worth a falla".

From the transformation of medieval Paris to Macron's neoliberal empire through different periods, Paris is worth a Mass.

April/2019 Child Falla Na Jordana, 6th prize.

Photos of Child Falla Na Jordana "Threads".

When we are young, older people tell us how we should act.

April/2019 Falla Cadarso-Altea, 9th prize.

Photos of Falla Cadarso-Altea "Votes for Women".

Just a hundred years ago, the suffrage movement revolutionized the role of women.

April/2019 Child Falla Zapadores, 13th prize.

Photos of Child Falla Zapadores "And me with these hairs".

A journey through the history of hairs and hair styles throughout history.

April/2019 Falla Exposición-Mascó, 6th prize.

Pardoned Ninot 2019.
Photos of Falla Exposición-Mascó "I was born in the Mediterranean".

Our Mediterranean Sea symbolizes the culture of our people and lands.

April/2019Child Falla Exposición-Mascó, 5th prize.

Photos of Child Falla Exposición-Mascó "Lost steps".

Reference and exhibition of a selection of significant or anecdotal events that occurred in Valendia from 1909 to 2019.

April/2019 Child Falla Reina-S Vicente, 7th prize.

Photos of Child Falla Reina-S Vicente "Amunt! One hundred years of football".

The history of Valencia CF, told for children. With the most relevant characters that have made it possible.

April/2019 Falla Cuba-Azorín, 4th prize.

Photos of Falla Cuba-Azorín "Dream".

April/2019 Child Falla gaeta-Farnals, 3rd prize.

Photos of Child Falla Gaeta-Farnals "Perfumery l'Heure Bleue".

March/2019 Child Falla Ayuntamiento.

Photos of Child Falla Ayuntamiento "Flowers stall nr 14".

March/2019 videos.

Videos of the main fallas and children fallas.

March/2019 working with the videos and more than 2000 pictures of 91 different fallas.

March/2019 Photos of Expo ninot.

Photos of ninots of several sections with apecial attention to first and special.

February/2019 Videos Ninot Exposition and vertical mascletá

videos of ninots and children ninots of first and special section. Also a video of the vertical mascleta.

February/2019 Updated map of the 2019 Fallas from category 3C to Special. We include the location of special and first category children fallas.