Falla Sueca-Azorín

"Dead of fear"

Artist: Vicente Llácer.

Prize: 7th Special Section.

Cost: 132.000 Euros.

Height: 16 metres.

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"There are those who die of laughter. Others of boredom. A few die of love and many others of envy, anger or pain. There are some who live without 'living in me and I die because I do not die'."

"There are also those who are dead in life or live as if there were no tomorrow. There are those who give life and those who take it ... or annoy it. Those who live thinking about death and those who die of so much thinking about life."

"Who has not taken life as a joke? Does anyone dare to swear on a falla llibret that has never lived a situation in which he has not been scared to death?."

Witches and evil men in the light of the moon, none saves from the fright.
                    The half-demolished castle, takes human form, giving life to the night, terror being the boss.
                   In the dark night we have set up, everyone flee from fear, even the cat.
                   Move closer to the falla if you are brave and if you notice that your heart is strong, because here all of you are for sure to be 'dead of fear'.

She embraces scared as if asking for love and he takes advantage of the situation, spending a night ... of fear.

Bad education There is no greater nightmare than that of a teacher who enters the classroom every day, in panic and full of terror.                       
                        They are monsters that we have set, they are very excited students, that surely remind you of last year, in a falla full of ninnies.

Political Thriller. Not even Michael Jackson would have imagined it, a ballet of political corpses, so superbly paid.

They dance in the Thriller cemetery, each one at the rhythm that suits them, blasting the one they catch underneath, creating themselves a very good future.

The man in the bag. He is a master fallero of the Gran Via, and at fallas he reaches the top, getting a bag of prizes, our welcome Miguel Prim.
                    It is the man of the sack, a character feared by all, but when he brings prizes, he leaves the fallero world ... mute.

Peace on earth. Preserve world peace: The Troll offers us a 'raincoat', to stop scares of pregnancy, and so although he hits, with 'con troll', it would not be the case.

These characters here, are agitators of humanity, that if the parents had thought, it would be very different for us.

The dream of the reason produces monsters. Among terrible images, on a path of strange worlds, enter the terrifying house if you have a pair of eg ..

Teleterrified.They were the paradigm of terror, worthy members of the monstrosity, but suddenly they have screwed up, when they have seen the news.                     The most painted monster flees all frightened, seeing what happens, in a terrified world.
                    Here the monster makes us think, that it is no more good who wears a tie, that you can possibly trust, the layman, who is a more pleasant person.

Well of eternal peace. The well of eternal peace we can admire here, of which if you drink, in peace you can rest.
                     As everything is so twisted, in the end it will be a rest, that death will reach us.
                     The dragon that you see here, is the great power of capital, which eats an innocent who wanted to end evil.                     
                       The political gentleman who debuted, wanted to put order quickly, that's why he ends here for the dragon, devoured like a hamburger.

Halloween of all saints. The granddaughter to the grandma wants to make up, so that she is not sad, and thus together the two, the celebration of the dead celebrate.
                   What was once a date, full of memories and prayers, is now a colorful party, which laughs at nightmares.