Photos of Ninot Exposition 2019

Ninot exposition takes place in Valencia the weeks before Fallas, where every falla shows a ninot that will be part of the falla on the day 15 of march. Since the last year it takes place at the City of Arts and Science complex.

People attending this exposition can choose among the ninots one for the child fallas and other ninot for the fallas. The most voted ninot will be saved from the flames and moved to the fallas Museum after the day 19.



Click on the image to see ninots of 2019.

children ninots

Children Ninots

Click on the image to see children ninots of 2019.


ninot Exposición-Mascó 2019

Pardoned ninot: Falla Exposición-Mascó.

child ninot Ciscar-Burriana 2019

Pardoned children ninot: Falla Ciscar-Burriana.