Child Falla Sueca-Azorín


Artist: Gonzalo Rojas.

Prize: 10th special section.

Cost: 22.500 Euros.

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"We all have a talent, we just have to know how to find it, we all have the ability to be original."

"Each one of us has capacities or abilities that we can discover and develop, be constant and listen to intuition are some necessary keys to bring our talent to light. "

"Some skills are natural; others must be acquired through learning. We are able to improve in many capacities based on training and enthusiasm. 'Talent' is the search for that gift, of that which fascinates and motivates us. Because we all have a talent that makes us great."

girl with experiment


man peeks

Talentos ocultos.

old man with clock

It's never too late to discover your talent

boy sucks snail

Snail tester

little girl sews teddy


slept girl

Sleeping talent


Be the architect of your desire

beared man dancing

Ballet dancer

children and young boy

With passion.
Get the child inside you.

woman with Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

girl catched

Amelie Poulain discovered that her talent was helping others to live their dreams.

team working

With teamwork. With perseverance. With patience.

woman reading how to care children

Natural talent.

girl crying

Talent for drama

man with cup

Drink life with sips.

boy with binoculars


boy with magnifying glass

He's curious.

baby crying

Talent to anger her. Talent for singing

reading and writing

Express yourself. Read.

extrange being on bike with airship

Let the imagination fly.

einstein fail

Albert Einstein was not a good student once.

child in parachute

Dare and throw yourself.

one-man band

Talent to do many things at once.


Talents for the music.
Ludwig van Beethoven went down in history as a genius of music despite being deaf.

boy singing in the shower

Singing in the shower.

sheep and black sheep

Take care of your talent. We are all unique.