Falla Regne Valencia

"Facing battle"

Artist: Sergio Musoles.

Prize: 8th Special Section.

Cost: 95.000 Euros.

Height: 16 metres.

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"Facing the day to day is a continuous battle whose only objective is to reach the next confrontation. This daily struggle brings with it sequels and traumas"

"Someone will have to go out to denounce intolerance, despair and corruption. You have to stand up ... even in this falla."

"For this fight we have the best warriors in history, the Amazons. Queen Hipolita, Pentasilea, Atíope, Orítia, Talestris and Lisipe rebel against discrimination against women. The gladiators brandish their steels against Heracles, a macho god, already ramshackle and downtrodden. Achilles and Troilus fight lovingly in the battle of pride and love in freedom."

It will treat this monument to shout to the indecent governor who has do this mess. Report all the excesses, the abuses of these years and some crimes committed that are strange to us.
It is now time to fight, to start the fight, if the enemy can beat that will be a great milestone. With the best fighters we have in this dispute, they will all fight in a very clever and brave way.

Here are the Amazons, women who will be the host and well together will fight.
The combat is intense but it is fair and necessary, we all hope that, in the end, the world will be equal.

Hipólita and Cólquida

On the back of a great dragon gives Hipolita size and caresses soon after the battle.
She is Cólquida , the dragon and very mythological animal that fighting makes fire, anthological specimen.


To the side, Penthesilea also wants to enter the game and the rival, with haughtiness, throws arrows of fire.


Talestris, that is very bighead, already prepares an offensive while Lísipe helps her as she is an active girl.


Is Antiope riding on the back of his great steed, while is fighting for what she wants to be.

His love two men professes in the top because it resonates strongly the heart when you are enamored.
To those who rule in justice, to live in freedom these men only claim a world with diversity. We will forge bonds of union and we will not break the link if another feels attraction for someone of the same sex. It is time to face the old society, we have to build a bridge to those who want only equality.


They have hit him all over the face, in this assault they have beaten him, because Heracles , so puppy, the battle today has lost!.

Aquiles and Troilo

Troilo wars with ardor for his dignity because he wants to defend with bravery his sexuality.
Aquiles, who is his partner, makes a great appearance here. Fight of wonder, it does not lack even the heel!.

Facing battle, in the Regne avenue
Here the Indiana Jones grandpa enters the green jungle ... the avenue is in the background buried by shit !. It's in the middle of the avenue, the bike path surprises you, the thing is very fucked up, what a craving !.
Also dodge the scooter, rats, cockroaches, dog 'mines', the whole neighborhood is undone and the state looks grueling. We have a city chaos because in Grezzi's stratagems only brings problems.

The grandpa's battles
Jose Maria wants to tell his stories; He says he did things and also boldly. He teaches new politicians because Aznar in the party tells stories that are mythical, of which they have always boasted.

Tells without distractions, as Felipe's dispute in elections, and with an absolute majority. He has two grandchildren who do not listen to him because they are fighting and because of the mess that the grandfather is getting angry.

The lost? battle
Here you see this warrior, while he is facing the battle: he is a fallero artist and here he is killing the falla. This good professional has a big crisis, and nobody gives solutions to find a good ending.

Facing battle for pensions
It is time to describe an annoyed situation: in Spain you can not live because it is in full decline. This struggling grandmother wants to raid the congress, because you can see that the time seems ... to make ends meet!

All members of the government in their decisions make them live in the underworld, by lowering their pensions. They have emptied the piggy bank, there is not any money left in the bag, look at your riffraff that the poor grandparents rob!.

Facing battle to get to USA
Here Trump, the president, pissed of like a monkey, has very hot character and the brain does not reason. Bridging immigration was their commitment. And she has a barbaric obsession to close her country.

A Mexican Mario Bros, that wall wants to climb, and the American leader takes little time to attack. Throw barrels of racism and Mario can not climb, because with much supremacism wants Donald Trump to govern.

The air battle
Pedro Sanchez on the plane goes flying for sightseeing while singing a song of humble socialism. The Falcon flies to the most infamous corners of the planet and when there are celebrations there he goes in the plane.

Facing battle for voting
La medusa d'Hont enchants with the snakes in his head and the good elector frightens because it causes a headache. The reptiles that accompany her represent the options that the voter here deceives when elections come.

La Medusa with long hair full of reptiles with strong roots that are very hostiles.
We have the RED anaconda, which censures in coalition and shows that it is crazy to do the exhumation.
The python that goes PURPLE , lives of the people, that excites it, and sees it as ecstatic because the snake is 'podemita'.
That skin snake like BLUE , has not been good for a long time because it's corrupt, it's very stupid and does not eat ... the seagull.
The ORANGE is rattle, notifying everyone about it, if necessary, changing skin, and making a proposal pact.
The GREEN color python to the others wants to devour, for the right she is lost and the seats she wants to take away.
You see the nationalism, of COLORS in the congress where the independence movement that has messed it up with the 'procés' lives.
And finally, the python, which with colors is UNDECIDED has the name Serpent of Abstention and a mess is prophesying.

Perseo who wants to vote apparently a bit of a fuss does not know who to trust and can stay rock. His vote is thinking, when he lies down on the cot, because he is not choosing one, but four!

Monumento of the fallen
We have arrived at the Valley of the Fallen of the nation, which today has been filled by the political braggart. For all those who have fallen and are no longer here because the flag and the coat of arms were too big for them.

Today he consummates his revenge before being exhumed, Franco goes moving because his house has occupied. From the grave he moves, but he finds himself with the coffin waiting at the stop, because the 13th has not come!

Bettle for equality
It is in March, the day eight, a moment to remember all that we have already achieved and that remains to be fought. For years, a lot has been fought against the wage gap, and that glass ceiling has not yet been closed.

With courage and determination, women have planted face, because discrimination has always threatened. That is why this falla encourages them never to surrender, to reach the top without grief and no fright.