- Mascletá

Mascletás are a pyrotechnic display quite popular and unique in Valencia. It takes place at daylight and the most important thing is the noise generated by the coordinated explosions of tens of masclets (firecrackers).

Where? Everyday from 1 to 19 of march, at the city council square at 14h.

Is it Safe ? The amount of powder used is limited to 120kg for safety reasons, there is also a security perimeter and the fireworks area is surrounded by fences. It's much safer than the small mascletas fired by the fallas on the streets.

When to go? During the days of fallas, there is much more people. If you want to enter in the square you must arrive at least 45 minutes before. If you want to take a first line place you must be there when the security perimeter is stablished, one hour before or more.

Advises? If it's a sunny day it's agood idea to wear a cap and bring some water. The waiting can be very long and there aren't many places with shadow at that time. Don't cover your ears and keep your mouth slightly open so pressure of the explosions cannot damage your ears, 130db can be reached easily.

If you don't like agglomerations of people avoid mascletá, and probably all the fallas.At the end of mascletá don't be in a hurry in leaving the square, it can take several minutes. A good place to see them are at the cross of Correos street, probably you won't have the smoke coming to you and you can see something between the flowers stands and walking out of the square is faster.

Something more ? Many other fallas fire mascletá too, but mainly on the day 19. One quite good is at the Ruzafa market, where the budget for the mascletá seems far higher than the budget for the falla. As the rest of the week the market is open they can do only one mascletá the day 19. You can be really close to the mascletá and you can see the city council square mascletá and be calmly walking towards the market and to see others mascletás in your way. This mascletá takes place about 15h.

Council square mascletas.

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Mascletá Ruzafa Market.

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mascletá en la calle
mascletá Ruzafa
mascletá Ruzafa