- Fireworks

Fireworks are magnificent. Those of 'Nit del Foc' (night of fire) at the night from the 18 to 19 of march are the most important.

Where? At the old riverbed of the Turia river, between the 'Exposicion' bridge, the bridge with the station of 'Alameda', and the 'Las Flores' bridge. In 2023 fireworks change of location, now are fired from the City of Arts and Science, near the Palu of Arts.

When?Take place at 00h, the nights of the days 15,16,17 and 18 (nit del foc-night of fire). Pyrothecnic in charge of the fireworks will be in charge of the mascletá the following day in the city council square.
In the last years the fireworks of day 15th at night consist in "nit del alba" show with fireworks fired at the same time from different locations across the city.

Are safe?There is a perimeter of safety quite wide, the fireworks are placed some meters below the level of the street at the riverbed.

When to go?For the fireworks of the days 15 to 17 it's enough arriving there about 20 minutes before. For the 'nit del foc' there is much more people attending, it's better to arrive at least 45 minutes before, to see them from a nearby place and without trees or building disturbing.

Advises? The bridge of 'Aragón' is a good place to see the fireworks. Pedestrian 'Del Mar' bridge is closer to the fireworks but it's closed for security reasons. Look for a place where the Palua of Arts building doesn't block the view.

Something more? At the burning of the fallas, every falla fires a night mascletá or small fireworks. Those at the city council square are the most importants.


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