Falla El Pilar

"We will survive"

Artist: Paco Torres.

Prize: 2nd Special Section.

Cost: 170.000 Euros.

"In an Asian theater, Kabuki masks represent the demons of the people that we carry inside. We want to resist, but we end up giving in to greed, and also to sadness. Faced with these demons, we find the dreams of each one of us, our illusions, those seemingly routine things that make us happy: family, the innocence of childhood and, of course, love.

Another demon that threatens the future of humanity is the overexploitation of natural resources to which we put through the planet, urban overexploitation or the exploitation of human beings. Zombies represent the miseries of humanity.
False appearances are a threat to the ethics of behavior, but who has not used it at some time? In a world in which competitiveness is the prevailing norm, you have to survive in order not to be defeated.
We Will Survive."

"Gloria Gaynor's song has inspired us on the catafalque, singing with satire and humor a celebrated and vital hymn."

"We Will survive is the motto of the Plaza del Pilar falla, surviving is not a problem, when what is screwed up is ..setting up!".
"The bust is all innocence imagining the uncertain future showing resistance, it will come out ahead, sure!"

Survive the offering
"A very emotional scene that touches a sensitive fiber where the crying is massive and the posturing is ostensible."
"Offering to Cheperudeta is the most anticipated act. Pilar is a super athlete, with the group that has come together."
"The husband, quite a 'bird', is 'watching' the falla and stands guard at the Casal: tied to the cazalla!."

falla el pilar 2023

"They are a large family of our Falla del Pilar, with pure and beautiful devotion: if they manage to finish it!"
"Pepito tied up like a dog has supernatural strength, this 'beautiful' moment, right now it's insane!"

falla el pilar 2023

"Pepita gets fed up with buñuelos, leaving her suit undone..."

surviving bullying
"We entered a Kabuki theater where a life is represented, which was not always 'cute' but has made her stronger." "Look at a beautiful Japanese woman named FU-CKED, welcoming everyone: she is our courageous heroine."
"Suddenly depression and anxiety come to mind, also sadness and loneliness, invading her in a moment".
"But she wins over these terrors, surviving by legal imperative, black has been filled with colors: because living is the best gift."

"Life will never be a paradise but don't miss a smile, every day gives a new charm that gives strength to survive."
"We will know true love and we will also have offspring, darkness will also appear, to bring out all the resilience!".

"Two huge chimneys crown the sad scene, they symbolize all the evils that the whole world condemns."
"The media demonstrate commitment, using terror and manipulation to keep the world submissive."
"The horsemen of the apocalypse in modern version 2.0 announce the great crisis, and prepare your ass".
"First COVID, now war and climate change a lot, curious is that extinction has not arrived on Earth"
"They speak with concern and regarding the great food crisis, they recommends eating insects: they are an extraordinary diet!"
"The planet lives sheepish while four are made of gold, but if Netflix is already paid for, watching a series is the best!"

Survive death
"An eternal and strong problem since almost a newborn is the moment of death: what a hard and fucked up subject!"
"Jaume refuses to raise hollyhocks because he has a beastly allergy to them, he says he doesn't want an obituary or salves: he won't go to his funeral either."
"Jaume is a happy widower who now enjoys Hawaii, but a shadow of black wants to annoy his 'wow' moment."
"Jaume in a sly way and in a perfect Valencian, sends this dark lady, with elegance, to fer la má!"
"His whole life working inside a gloomy office so that they come touching his balls in a divine room"

Surviving Pedro Sánchez
"Almeida, the mayor of Madrid, does his job as host, and Pedro shows his chest even more: he's more handsome than 'Fake-jóo'""
"For some he is extraordinary, for others he is a hated being, because he eliminates opponents without consideration or mercy."
"He has a narcissistic complex and he thinks he is the best friend of the independentistas, this is a horror film!".
"Pedro is excited to be President, he has lost all dignity, returning pending favors."
"With his false smile he is relentless, he has revived Franco because he uses him as a wild card."

Survive life
"In our neighborhood of Velluters we have opened this parapharmacy, where people come from all over the universe to recover wit and grace"
"We offer some miracle products that rejuvenate the face and skin, the bill may be a massacre: but you will have the strength of a bull."
"We offer you an eternal life because you are feeling the end close, you are having the voice of a cistern, the bird is missing luster!"

"If you want to give life to the hole, it won't come out through the 'cap' but our undercover policeman is admired for his 'club'."
"We also offer 'Fireworks' that provoke hardness and passion, the great objective will be to recover that the bird 'cries' with emotion."

"If you are between eighty and death, there is a solution to those problems, today is going to be your lucky day with all these pills and creams."
"If you've already lost your sexual appetite, but you snore like a pig, get your Visa or MasterCard ready: we'll fix your ass for free!"

Surviving the job market
"One objective of the 'plan-demic' and the companies were in on it, was to turn the great benefits of teleworking almost into an epidemic."
"Creating virtual programs and a multitude of platforms, artificial intelligences work enormous hours."
"We were no longer essential, it was enough to have a connection, teleworking was preferable to start the substitution."
"Banks are the best mirror, closing branches without stopping, carrying out operations is easy from home... and without disturbing."
"Surviving the labor market today is quite an odyssey, with the replacement, by something virtual, we are the losers of the fight."
"We live with our backs to reality, because we prefer to be indifferent, even if we don't have any sanity, we know that the robots are coming."

Survive the workshop
"It is a great wrestling that must be suffered daily, bringing a smile to workers and businessmen"
"The protagonists of the Festival and the great forgotten have always been, the protest is useless: every year more workshops are closed!" "The innocent man asks the Commission for help, his situation was fucked up: they paid him last rites."
"They are going to knock him out 'Superfallero', Mr Pandemic and Doctor Taxes, they will destroy him like a piece of paper: how are his budgets"
"But if you are a fallas artist the situation is much worse, it is painful and true: surviving is horrible!"
"We demand more meters of falla despite the cost of materials, as the artist wants to measure up, he is going to make the fallas...virtual!"

Survive the challenges
"Technology creates an individualistic, selfish and fictitious society, where it is interesting to appear happy and where superficiality is news"
"Obtaining thousands of followers is her main vital objective, she spends money on false sycophants to be a reference on social networks"
"Facebook, Twitter and TikTok. Twich, Linkedin and Instagram, a false video game life and broadcast by webcam"
"Internet, the new drug in this global society that is now like a rope, whether you are young... or geeky"