Falla Cuba-Azorín


Artist: Vicente Martínez Aparici.

Prize: 6th Special Section.
1st of talent and grace

Cost: 150.000 Euros.

"The evolution that each person experiences throughout his life. The fundamental phases in the development of the human being: childhood, adolescence and maturity. Until we reach the end of existence.

The birth rate has dropped so much that the stork has no choice but to bring baby animals into the world.
But there are still women who are committed to motherhood, although the future that awaits the new generations is very uncertain."

"Cuenta una antigua leyenda que al nacer todo el mundo, te anudan en los dedos de la man el destino con un hilo rojo.
Marcará tu paso por la Life y siempre estarás conectado, a la persona que el hilo te elija para emparentar.
Así el destino es de caprichoso, no admite ninguna reclamación."

"El ciclo de la Life presentamos con todos sus detalles. El poder de una madre frente a todas las adversidades.
El viaje que se pegan las cigüeñas para repartir todas las crias que dice las traen desde París.
Aquí en la falla no seremos quien explique como se ha de hacer."

falla Cuba-Azorín  2023

Passage of Life "What would be of all of us without their constant warmth. Grandparents should be eternal and always have them by your side.
They who give life for you, and who have always sacrificed themselves, who are always close when you need a hug.
Take advantage now that you have them, because if something goes away... it's time."

Working Life?
"She calls herself Lady Madrid but it's nothing more than advertising, you can ask the media or health workers.
If you are from Madrid, think about getting private insurance, but you already know that if it is serious, they will send you to the public... upside down.
It demonstrates its shortcomings by managing... residences."

"The most independent bee wants to separate the union from the roots, says that he only has one reason, that he is no longer Spanish.
The nonsense they say in order to get a vote, if the country is in such a bad way, go look for Puigdemont.
She tries to cut off the relationship because there is no more... sedition."

"Ximo Puig is crying, because the water has been cut. The transfer confronts him with his own Central Government.
He personally will carry the buckets or pay for the cut they have made. Let's see if what really happens is that the elections are close.
The options says that he rushes, for the Tajo-Segura transfer "

"Moreno Bonilla is the smartest and he has cut taxes, but since it does not reach him at all, he has asked the government for a loan.
He is the one who rules in the south of Spain and with the extreme right he agreed, he has to watch his back because in the end he will pay dearly.
Let's see if he finally sinks and does a .. Macarena Olona "

"Lendakari has achieved it, it is a historic claim but it has cost him almost his health and some other concessions.
Take away the Civil Guard, an expulsion without regard to see who would show their faces, now a very short time ago.
The little memory you have in order to be... independent."

"The president of Cantabria doesn't seem to fit in there, it's like the trains he recently bought for his region.
Some wagons that don't fit and he doesn't know that ultimately, everything will end up coming in, with a bit of... saliva.
It seems that it was a joke, but it really happened."

Come back to Life
"Many people already thought that he was not going to return, but 'he was not dead' he was in... courts.
He returns in the run-up to local elections with renewed energy, since someone has made him...saint.
The one who is not in a good mood is someone from the Intergroup."

falla Cuba-Azorín  2023

Loose Life
"In Ruzafa we are mourning, for the departure of the president, all of Life fighting with courage, but in the end... none of us are anything.
Dedicated body and soul to his work, we only have words of gratitude, okay, everything was very ironic, you have made Fuset a saint!.
Junta Central Fallera is on fire, because it lost the first lady."

falla Cuba-Azorín  2023

"It was one of the returns after Fuset's bleeding, a goal for the whole squad that he thought he had scored.
Cristina brought the axe, she is more of protocol, and that is why she has revitalized the Palau, taking some commission?
She says that she wants to stay and prays that the Popular Party wins. "

"By profession he is a juror or he can also be president, Julian is the protagonist, if we are talking about being in the photo.
He cries for his friend who is leaving, but the clearing has him too, who will want his part if the PP government returns.
If you want to leave as a jury again, please don't be childish. "

falla Cuba-Azorín  2023

"His speech as maintainer may be the most remembered and also for all the awards that these years have brought.
He does not care who is in charge, he is always fine with power. Miguel Premio has his name, but crying for Galiana... little.
He doesn't wear the mask either, and to be (more) happy he looks the...right. "

fuck Life
"It is very important to always choose your partners very well, that a relationship may end but it will always be your 'ex'.
Opening the grudge drawer and not wanting me to criticize you, clearly I'm telling you, it could be that shit will 'sal-pique' you.
Although the laugh would be greater if with Bizarrp it was Queen Sofía."

"From what we seem to appreciate, but nothing is clear to us, is that Shaki and Piqué are in trouble or something has happened to them.
"We have seen some images and also some songs, for us they have broken the relationship.
Commissioner Villarejo will investigate whether they are together or have separated."

"It is known that youth heals with the passage of time, escapes through the hands and leaves no prisoners.
But there is nothing wrong with that, on the contrary we would rather say, gaining experience in Life is what we claim here.
Let no one take away the desire to show off that wonderful gray hair."

"The god Cronus awaits you here and the mythology of him told that so that his children would not be dethroned he ate them.
He was afraid that they would take away his Life but he was more afraid of losing power, the story is so current that more than one comes to mind.
Breeding crows is very dangerous, it has happened with the PP and VOX."

"On the other hand, innocence is gone and we will never be able to recover it, now we look with nostalgia at the youth that we see go by.
But missing it we will not find it since we have taken a step, transforming it into experience and always moving forward.
But even if we mature, it doesn't hurt to be innocent."

Give life
"Whoever you see here is not Sister María, she is an expert in breastfeeding, she fixes your year and gives you Life and also a fallon to plant.
But if you don't have it in your face and he's never your godfather again, how do you call yourself a woman, even if your last name is Marcelí.
Although here we praise Espartero! that does not leave us without Puchero"

Falla San Marcelino "In San Marcelino they are sad, Julio Torras no longer has consolation, but he will have to reinvent himself because he knows a lot about that.
What we cannot know, what almost left him dead, could be because of Armiñana or as a result of the court.
If he has made anything clear to us, that with a grandfather you cannot play."

Falla Nou Campanar "Many years devastating they were in their Special Section, in the Convento falla cried and I do not want to tell you in El Pilar.
Invest money in the fallas and make them even bigger, make Monterrubio come back, or plant Albufera's Cup.
Although it all ended at the same time as the solar ones."

Falla Cuba-Buenos Aires "The residents of Buenos Aires were also lucky to have Juan as a great supporter.
The trees were protagonists but they did not hold up, that wood was either from China or it was 'moth-eaten'.
They dreamed of another patron, to alleviate... their sorrows"

falla Cuba-Azorín  2023

Forget Life "Some things have no return and one of them is the passage of time, but the hardest will always be when memories take you too.
Alzheimer's disease can touch anyone and will have no mercy on anyone.
Someday sooner rather than later, hopefully they will end the disease."

Royal Life
"The emeritus is exiled now, he has been in hiding for a few years, with the Life he carried and everything he has...shot.
The shotgun still works for him and he already has a neighbor on file, you'll see how he still tries, and brings another...Corina.
Hunting has been his passion and he always takes some…souvenirs with him."

"Sofía hasn't had it easy at all, all of Life rowing against the current, but it doesn't surprise us much with her daughter-in-law and her husband.
Now that her retirement has arrived, she should be dedicated to being her grandmother, but every day she happens something to the royal family.
Between grandchildren, sons-in-law and daughter-in-law, in the end she will become... a hunter."

falla Cuba-Azorín  2023

"Victoria Federica is in the media and goes everywhere on a scooter, always in trouble and parties, she can't deny that she is-..Borbon.
She is a defender of racing and a full-time 'influencer', let's see who explains to the girl that the King is already there for a playboy.
Her brother is a crack, like her with the 'black' cards."

falla Cuba-Azorín  2023

"After reigning all of Life, it took him eleven days to walk her around the country, without letting her rest!.
The longest-lived Queen leaves many stories to be closed but she said that she would rather die than see Camila reign.
If we get careless, we find it here for the replegá!."

falla Cuba-Azorín  2023

"Prince Harry has come out rebellious and with the family he has confronted, he has written some memoirs that have raised the bread.
He is not interested in real Life, Harry is above everything, but what he is an expert in is... skipping the protocol.
She is so happy with Meghan that she has taken refuge in America."

"All Life waiting for the moment and finally the opportunity comes, when now he should be already more than retired.
The problem will be if he needs a small payment to be able to retire, to see how his pension is with so little time in contributions.
But if something is very clear to me, it is that that crown there does not fall."

falla Cuba-Azorín  2023

Continue Life
"When Life comes to an end, something may remain, light another flame and give a second chance.
As simple as that gesture, someone will forever be grateful, if you no longer need it, a Life...will continue.
That feeling also remains, to feel like a life beats again"

falla Cuba-Azorín  2023

Drain Life
"But everything has its good part and sometimes it can happen to us, that we love Life so much that we want to speed it up.
And that is what it is about, living until the last moment, take advantage of everything that comes and that you have nothing left to do.
But save and don't spend everything, there's no money left for pensions."