Falla Cadarso-Altea

"Don't stop the Music"

Artist: Toni Pérez Mena.

Prize: 8th Special Section.

Cost: 140.000 Euros.

"The excesses of life are reflected with the phrase "don't stop the music"

The evil king contemplates with satisfaction how he has distorted all facets of life, sponsoring excesses and goings-on. Flanked by the muses and surrounded by jesters, the monarch demands that they play the melodies he prefers.
Political parties abuse of their influence to remain in power indefinitely. The energy crisis and runaway inflation have stopped the population's desire for consumption. The majority of the citizens struggle to reach the end of the month.
The new youth has got into promiscuity, trying new sexual experiences but without calculating the consequences. Excesses have also reached sport: athletes want to improve their performance even if it is by taking substances that are harmful to their health and managers waste money everywhere."

"May the music never stop playing and let's not forget the melodies of before, which made a night mythical.
Do not stop the Music and fallas let's keep burning, with a magical set up."

falla cadarso-altea 2023

Rock and Roll "If you have a boss who knows everything, be careful with his business, distrust him and say Amen to everything.

Music to awaken emotions, are the new financial practices, those that bitcoins recommend.

hard rock and puri is the invention of the metaverse, what no one has seen and to believe, is like throwing money in the middle of the universe."

falla cadarso-altea 2023

Valencian pasodobles "Let no one stop the music and do not set the pace for us, with a gloomy melody."

falla cadarso-altea 2023

Motivational music "You are a modern guy if you are motivated, if you are doing something at all times, as long as you are not locked up at home.

Motivating rhythms sound at all times, to keep our mind on top, and be the victim of a present that devours you.

Being 'fit' is an absurd obsession, typical of this current generation, incapable of showing any emotion."

falla cadarso-altea 2023

Motivational music "But now you put in two songs and two videos from coaching gurus and you'd do three triathlons in a row."

falla cadarso-altea 2023

Gregorian chants "To the cry of 'yes is yes', the minister goes like she is a top herald, her voice now sounds sinister.

For Irene it is heavenly music, because she sees herself in paradise, is she capable of proposing something normal?

The left we find in the clouds, congratulating each other, maybe those flights are very high."

Dance, the alderman's fango "A good fandango is now being danced, the illustrious aldermen Fuset and Galiana, the two in the procession want to be the saint."

falla cadarso-altea 2023

"The legislature started and advanced at a good pace. Fuset was not going to give up, neither Fuset nor anyone else had ambition.

But the phone rang and it was a little religious but well known voice 'the lord of the changed step' (ie Ribó).

In the end, the dance is over until March 20 arrives and Galiana to the club (actually to rest)."

falla cadarso-altea 2023

"The dance turned into a battle months ago and although being the same they didn't care, leaving the poor falleros orphans and prisoners."

Romantic music "Your better half in two minutes will be quick and it won't hurt your heart, and move on from all the disappointments you've experienced

Applications through which you can navigate and consume as if it were a can of cola, for your need to be able to dip.

Life has made us forget romanticism and now sex is contracted without love, so the desire is pure consumerism."

falla cadarso-altea 2023

Video Game Music "Computers embrace you so that you stay at home, and thus hearts will dominate.

Hours and hours could be spent playing, forgetting that there is a world outside and that there is a lot to be gained by socializing."