Child Falla Reina-S Vicente

"Amunt! One hundred years of football"

Artist: Ceballos and Sanabria.

Prize: 7th special section.

Cost: 22.000 Euros.

"The history of Valencia CF told for children. Dedicated entirely to the history of the club and the most relevant characters that have made it possible."

"From the first idols, Montes and Cubells, passing through Luis Casanova, president of Valencia CF, and of this falla. There is no shortage of the best players of each era, the titles won, nor the coaches."

"The iconic images of the goalkeeper Quique, Kempes and Puchades, etc and more, invite you to visit the centennial history of Valencia in a mythical, informative, cultural and didactic way so that children know them well."

Did you know that Valencia, the most universal club in the city, was born here in our neighborhood 100 years ago? Yes, and many of its first partners and founders were falleros and neighbors of the streets that surround us. The same that hosted the first headquarters of the entity. Even Luis Casanova himself, the most successful president of Valencia CF. He was also president of our commission during the 40s, the golden age of Valencia and the falla of the Plaza de la Reina.
That is why the centenary of Valencia CF is also an important milestone for us in our shared history. And we wanted to celebrate as best we know how to do, dedicating our Child Falla to remember the most relevant facts and protagonists of the club's history: from the Bar Torino and the first idols, to the first women football players, the legendary electric forward and the great leaders, until touching the Mestalla sky with Puchades, Kempes and Valencia of doublet.


Don't say goal, say Kempes.


Kempes Hair in the wind, the bat in the chest, the left bed of God. The matador .

The foundation of the club
At Bar Tornio, Valencia CF was born on March 18, 1919. There a group of friends decided to found a football club that would represent the entire city.
With a coin on the air was elected who was going to be the first president of the entity: Gonzalo Medina or Augusto Milego.

Luis Casanova

Luis Casanova He is the president of Valencia CF who has managed the longest and has won more titles with Valencia CF. He was also a fallero and presided over our falla in the 30s and 40s.

Heart and strenght
Heart and strength are two indispensable conditions in a field of play.
Great legends of Valencia CF have been responsible for transmitting these qualities in mythical teams that achieved glory.

Quique, Montes y Cubells

Quique He flew like an eagle in the cup final of '54. Valencia won 3-0 to Barça and the Valencia goalkeeper celebrated by climbing the crossbar. An image for the story.

Montes and Cubells the first great idols of the Valencian fans.


Fernando the professor is with 553 the player who has played the most matches with the shirt.

The coat of arms
The Valencia CF coat of arms is formed by the colors of our flag on which rests a soccer ball and the name of the club. All that crowned by the mythical bat.
An ethernal feeling
The Valencianism that passes from parents to children. A feeling forged in 100 years of shared history that has the future insured with the new generations of Valencian. These are the fans of a champion valence.

Trophies of Valencia CF
7 Cups of the King, 6 ligas, 1 supercup of España, 1 Recopa of europe, 2 supercup of europe, 3 Uefa/fair cups.
Valencia CF is one of the most successful Spanish and European clubs. He has ever won all the competitions he has played. All but one. Everything will come.

Piojo López

Claudio López El Piojo López, the immortal race, the devilish speed, the eternal bite of the louse.


Españeta Bernardo España, Españeta. He is, for his loyalty to the club, the bat of the coat of arms. One of the most beloved people in the centuries-old history of Valencia CF.

electric Forward
The best Valencian forwards of all time. Epi, Amadeo, Mundo, Asensi and Gorostiza. Among the five scored more than 400 goals at Valencia CF.


Mundo Is with 266 goals the top scorer in the history of Valencia CF. When he left the world of football he opened the Casa Mundo bar and his squid sandwiches became as famous as his goals.


Gorostiza The fastest and most electric bullet that the left band of the old Mestalla has seen. The great Goros Red Bullet

Great Liders
In its 100 years of life, Valencia CF has been led by great leaders, from the bench and from the offices.                    
                    Coaches and presidents thanks to whom the Valencian bat has flown very high.

di stefano

Alfredo Di Stefano The coach who has led the most official matches to Valencia CF. "No player is so good as everyone together".

Rafa Benítez The most awarded coach of Valencia, a unique coach.

waldo y guillot

Waldo and Guillot The power of Waldo and the ability of Guillot gave Valencia a handful of goals in the first European games of the 60s.


Mendieta A perfect pass, a prestidigitator penalty, a really incredible goal.


Cañizares he is the goalkeeper with the most official matches defending the valencianista goal. 3 trophies Zamora. The dragon of Mestalla.

Jaume Ortí

Jaume Ortí He presided over the club in the second great period of glory. Bonico and his fan are legends of the VCF.

Irrigation ditch of Mestalla
Mestalla is one of the eight irrigation ditches that distribute the water of the Túria river throughout the Valencian orchard.                    
                    The field of Valencia FC was built in 1923 on land on which the irrigation ditch of Mestalla ran and watered, from which it ended up taking its name.


Aimar The clown Aimar, an immortal kid. Come on Pablito Aimar, that the glory will return, like Kempes and El Piojo, another immortal pibe.


Forment Liga 1971. A header at the last minute. The league is ours. Author of the most remembered goal of 1971.


Peral El excelso was part of the first Valencia FC. When he retired he changed the ball for the wood. The first football player fallero artist.


David Villa Top scorer in the history of the Spanish National Team and one of the greatest strikers in Valencia CF.

insuperable walls
The Valencia has had real walls in the goal capable of containing the most fearsome rivals.                    
                   Dragons, eagles and lions that have defended the Valencian goal as authentic heroes.


Consuelito He was part of one of the first female soccer teams in Valencia in the 30s.


Albelda He was the captain of the best VCF in history and formed with Baraja an unrepeatable middlefield.


Puchades In the 50s and with the 6 on the back formed with Pasieguito a legendary medullary.

football girl futbolista

Superwoman Pioneers, tireless fighters for female Valencianism. Warrior girls that show that they can also score goals in Mestalla.