Falla Ayuntamiento

"Creative process"

Artist: Latorre and Sanz.

Cost: 205.000 Euros.

Height: 26 metres.

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"Art is process. A continuous evolution from the creative moment from its conception to the development in its execution."

"n a gesture of vindication of the falla as a true artistic object and of the Fallas artists as full-fledged artists.
They dilute in the borders of creative art (classical sculpture) and popular art (graffiti and Falla itself), with a fundamental ingredient of Fallas, satire."

"Through the comedy of Aristophanes, 'The Peace' as a Greek deity embodied in a woman enclosed in a block of marble, from which the artist tries to free her to gather around her the rest of the gods and thus find harmony."

"A process that is in continuous artistic movement, called graffiti. That is the process of academic and classical art and popular art."

The Peace
Of all the great races in which humans participate, no other is desired as Peace has been. But feeling it with such passion that it distresses us all, it is not true that its conquest is the objective.
Peace is not conquered, that is contradictory: Peace, if it is violated, is only an imposition.
Peace must be sculpted, carved, chiselled, Peace will be obtained by the creative process that extracts from raw marble a song of coexistence, which has as reference the love of the different.

Opora or The Harvest
Creating by creating is absurd fallacy. That whoever creates the one who creates, creates it by its fruit. The terminal craving brings us the Harvest of the cultivated work with patience and wit.
Oh you the other company of Peace, soft Opora! tell us the address, that you are the purpose of creating.
If we harvest the smile, the teaching or the challenge, we will try the ambrosia of feeling precious. But if this year the harvest is scarce, it will be our incentive to recreate.

Theory or The Fiesta
Peace finds in the Fiesta a creative company. The Fiesta manifests itself as the force that creates.
A loving feast, celebrated joy in front of those who are obstinate in making the feast odious. Because we love the love-party, for the Fiesta we do Falla to the beloved city that is a smiling lover.
With the Fiesta we challenge the angry glances of those who think of partying but only like the mess. Because you are, Theory, a serenely friendly party, bless the graffiti artists and the falleros.

Create seems to believe: everyone believes what is created and does not believe that there is a port that is created in crossing. Only with belief do we cross the well-traveled sea voyage called 'Creation'.
 We are emulators of the good gods if we become sailors of so insecure ship that that trace an uncertain course. We will never know the route, there is never security: as is Poseidon voluble in anger and kindness!.
But only leaving the port, leaving the land firm, we will be believers convinced of the act of creating.

Only with contact does the creative spark raise the living flame; the goal of the path born is of the journey, of the bed in the inn, of the sound of a strange language, of the passage over the border.
Only by crossing borders, only surrounding the orbs, only looking for encounters, only this way we create.                     
Oh Hermes, protect us of guards and barriers! block customs that stifle the commerce of ideas, proposals, risks and bets. With wings on your feet, make us fly ... fly ..