Falla Regne Valencia

"Call it love, call it X"

Artist: Sergio Musoles.

Prize: 9th Special Section.
2nd of talent and grace.

Cost: 92.000 Euros.

"Love moves mountains, but sex makes them more fun. Because love and sex are the best finds of Humanity.

The first, because it is the most perfect form of union between two people, and the second... obviously, yes, thank you.
This falla is about love and sex. Of ways to love, because loving is the solution to all the problems of this sick world. Leonard Cohen said it, 'love has no cure, but it is the only cure for all ills'
Ways, roads and paths in which the art of lying in company surprises us daily. We travel to India in search of the origins of the Kamasutra, and from there to a world where the only rule is to love, enjoy and always be free.
We will find tantric sex, open relationships, paraphilias, polyamory and sexual freedom. 'You and me... what do we have? Well I don't know... call it love, call it X."

Invitation to the KAMASUTRA PARTY MONDONGO XTREM "Rajá Ranjit Escarransit invites you to his great betrothal with the favorite Shaila Comunfoguer.
PS: Please come with the dangerous snake and the curious girl. That we will all eat 'fine buns' and you will be fed up with enjoying yourself!"

falla Regne Valencia 2023

"Here is the vain Rajah who, as you can see, gives his favorite something... that excites him.
A great palace and a long snake... by the way..."

falla Regne Valencia 2023

"She is comforted by the gift and already thinks about... lying down, well promised by the vain one.
Sweet pleasure it will be to lie down doing a take out... and a put in"

"That love and passions together with sex amaze and these two chameleons chisel their vibrant hearts.
They join very wet tongues like two heartfelt souls."

"India was the great cradle of the tantric sexual secret, which in bed causes a stir, because it feels great!
Making figures and postures burst us... the seams!."

"A dance of conquest is the good maneuver that our artist does here, making a certain cobra hard.
The snake is eager to nail a girl."

"The reptile in the box was lying still, when it a fly 'with a clarinet call!
The monkey playing... the snake will warm up."

"The mature man, very well armed, who shows her the 'instrument', has sung to the girl and her fever has risen!
The sitar, being sensual, makes a trio... vocal."

"This crocodile 'leather' gives leather and a rocks that the bed imposes with skill, discipline and a lot of style.
He always adjusts to desire, the claps and the rod"

falla Regne Valencia 2023

Sadomasochism 2.0
"As a slave you will see whoever abuses with the screens suffer, because the mobile is even useful... for handjobs.
This colleague is masochistic that the mobile rubs his body."

"This mobile takes photos in selfies and Tik Tok, Instagram, the hard Whatsapp... and the masochist says that it is not enough!
To put the finger in it, want the cell phone .. what a treat!"

falla Regne Valencia 2023

Fiscal Kamasutra
"Kamasutra misunderstanding is to pay without control, inflation that month by month, puts spending... up the ass!
They are annoying so much us, that the sphincter is going to crack!"

"You stick it long and hard and swallow it without looking... well, the bill of light, you have to pay with your eggs!
And by singing the miserere... they plug it in... from behind!"

falla Regne Valencia 2023

In Ruzafa we are screwed!
"They make love in Simca 1000 celebrating that they have parked, because with Grezzi as mayor... parking seems like a sin!
It's easier to fuck today than here in Ruzafa... park!"

"Grezzi is involved with the ORA, keeping an eye on the offenders and with a collecting passion screwing the drivers.
With the camera he watches... and a fine goes and lines you up!"

Spanish fertilization
"Look at that what a gazpacho has been formed, competing in the fucking... all for the Ovule of the State!.
They have come out of the balls... well, elections are coming!."

"There goes the throng of national sperm, to see who fertilizes a Spain...premenstrual.
Being that the period is vote roughly."

falla Regne Valencia 2023

Egg SpainEveryone wants to penetrate her but nobody wants to take responsibility for the pregnancy.
Feijoosperm:Color: blue. Mobility: Well, you need to wake up if you want to do something. DNA: 50% yes, 50% no (he is Galician). Egg: right. Ph: PP.
Emeritosperma: Color: Red and yellow. Mobility: He has little left. DNA: 100% rascal (like the ship). Egg: From the scrambled egg. Ph: Of quality.. 'Barbara', king!

falla Regne Valencia 2023

Yolandasperma:Color: Purple. Mobility: He likes to always 'Add' steps. DNA: 50% communist, 50% lukewarm. Egg: from the left. Ph: PC.
Santisperm: Color: Green. Mobility: Very extreme and to the right. DNA: 100% national. Egg: Of the two right eggs (it has no left). Ph: Rancid as fuck
Monarchasperm: Color: Turns black by his father. Mobility: When Letizia lets it. DNA: Let's hope he has a low Bourbon percentage. Egg: Without salt. Ph: Neutral (Parliamentary Monarchy style)

falla Regne Valencia 2023

Citizensperm:Color: Orange. Mobility: It's dead. DNA: 65% PP, 35% PSOE. Egg: Wrinkled like a raisin. Ph: Albert Rivera's last straw.
Sanchezperma: Color: Red. Mobility: Always survive, no matter what. DNA: 100% EGO. Egg: It comes from both, which has squares. Ph: PS-OÉ

falla Regne Valencia 2023

From love to hate
"Shakira makes the comment that they have changed it for the Twingo, because she was a good Ferrari and Piqué has swapped it.
Bizarrp made the session of a gem of a song."

"As Piqué threw her heart doing the heck, she is going to throw the famous little song at his head!
For a Casio she has changed it... clearly she has sung it!."

falla Regne Valencia 2023

Doing 'Ghosting'
"To Galiana modeling our party in a pandemic, a certain shadow is enduring... and a ghost... manifests itself.
It is Fuset who is back now..."

"Ghosting the Fallas two months after voting, in a surprising way, the directive has been immolated!"

falla Regne Valencia 2023

Foller Museum
"As is known, here in Las Fallas we are the people who like to get hot and we have brought things that usually excite us.
It always heats up like a bonfire cooking the fallero world"

"The fakir of the faller world to the bottom swallows the laziness and garbage from within the fallera party.
Full of wars and disputes, it is without love... like whores!"

falla Regne Valencia 2023

The toxic relationship
"These government partners are looking for votes like this, and whoever eats the 'apple' will make the other a piece of waste, turning him into ... a subordinate.
This snake is restless seeing polls... on the right."

falla Regne Valencia 2023

Alfredo Landa vs Alfredo Lambda
"The old model of Spanish was the man from Landismo, very hairy and with a big mouth who abused machismo.
Landa was a great actor, but he has horror movies..."

falla Regne Valencia 2023

"Here you have Alfredo Lambda announcing the new present in a float being a garland 'of love as a reference!
A punt television attests to this set."

"Now there is the new way of feeling comforted, without a model, there is no rule, just love in freedom!
That inside love boils us, and we have to take it out with pride!."