Fallas Other Sections

Section 1B

Falla: Avenida del Oeste. Title: The legend ofJuan Palomo Prize: 1st 1B Category Artist: Paco Torres
Falla: Gaeta-Farnals Title: The divine bohemia Prize: 4th 1B Category Artist: Carlos Carsí
Falla: J Costa-Altea. Title: Metaverse Prize: 5th 1B Category Artist: Enrique Iborra
Falla: Gayano Lluch. Title: Climates Prize: 9th 1B Category Artist: David S Llongo
Falla: Maeztu-Los Leones. Title: It's alive! Prize: 11th 1B Category Artist: SacabutxArt
Falla: Dr Collado. Title: Where there is sea there are pirates Prize: 14th 1B Category Artist: Paco Giner

2A Section

Falla: Serrano-Cervera. Title: Foc you Prize: 1st 2A Category Artist: Sergio Musoles
Falla: Pie Cruz-Vilarrasa. Title: It's not time to be alone Prize: 2nd 2A Category Artist: Ximo Martí
Falla: Serranos-Fueros. Title: Potions Prize: 8th 2A Category Artist: David S Llongo
falla Pizarro-Amorós 2023

Falla: Pizarro-Amorós.
Title: baby boom!
Prize: 4th 2A Category
Artist: Francisco Gonzalvo

falla Monteolivete 2023

Falla: Monteolivete.
Title: And you, what would you take with you?
Prize: 9th 2A Category
Artist: Emilio Miralles

falla Reina-S Vicente 2023

Falla: Reina-S Vicente.
Title: The viewpoint
Prize: 10th 2A Category
Artist: Latorre y Sanz

falla Zapadores 2023

Falla: Zapadores
Title: Urban faune
Prize: 11th 2A Category
Artist: Rafa Cheli

falla Sancho Tello-Chile 2023

Falla: Sancho Tello-Chile.
Title: Modern day superheroes
Prize: no prize 2A Category
Artist: Ximo Esteve

2B Section

Falla: S Abril-Perís y Valero. Title: A falla to die for Prize: 2nd 2B Category Artist: Sergio Musoles
falla Isabel la Católica-Amorós 2023

Falla: Isabel la Católica-Amorós.
Title: La costra nostra
Prize: 4th 2B Category
Artist: Sergio Musoles

falla Cádiz-Centelles 2023

Falla: Cádiz-Centelles.
Title: One of Tarantino
Prize: 5th 2B Category
Artist: Art en Foc

falla Francia-Torán 2023

Falla: Francia-Torán.
Title: The great show
Prize: no prize 2B Category
Artist: Vicente Navarro

3A Section

Falla: Regne Valencia-Ciscar. Title: Visions and solutions Prize: 1st 3A Category Artist: Sergio Musoles
falla Bolsería-Tros Alt 2023

Falla: Bolsería-Tros Alt.
Title: Fighter
Prize: 6th 3A Category
Artist: Art en Foc

3B Section

Falla: Perelló-Santangel. Title: Marathon, the one who doesn't run flies Prize: 1st 3B Category Artist: Pedro Santaeulalia
falla Maeztu-Furió 2023

Falla: Maeztu-Furió.
Title: Blockbuster fallero.
Prize: 9th 3B Category
Artist: Vicente Torres

falla Tomasos-Cervera 2023

Falla: Tomasos-Cervera.
Title: Always giving the note.
Prize: 7th 3B Category
Artist: Erik Martínez

3C Section

falla Cuba-Denia 2023

Falla: Cuba-Denia.
Title: That catches us confessed.
Prize: 3rd 3C Category.
Artist: Mario y enrique Cardells

falla Alameda-Francia 2023

Falla: Alameda-Francia.
Title: In the farm of Pepito.
Prize: 4th 3C Category.
Artist: Iván Martínez

falla Cádiz-Femenia-Puerto Rico 2023

Falla: Cádiz-Femenia-Puerto Rico.
Title: The 10 plagues of Egypt.
Prize: 11th 3C Category.
Artist: La comisión

falla Cervantes-Jofre 2023

Falla: Cervantes-Jofre.
Title: What a jungle.
Prize: no prize 3C Category
Artist: JF Gómez Fonseca

falla Jaime Pérez-Oliag 2023

Falla: Jaime Pérez-Oliag.
Title: Moby Dick.
Prize: no prize 3C Category
Artist: Fernando López

4A Section

Falla: Cuba-Puerto Rico. Title: From Puerto Rico and sweets. Prize: 4th 4A Category. Illuminated street award. Artist: Sacabutxart
falla Cádiz-Azorín  2023

Falla: Cádiz-Azorín.
Section: 4A.
Title: A whole life
Prize: 1st 4A Category
Artist: Sacabutxart

falla  Pizcueta-Amorós 2023

Falla: Pizcueta-Amorós.
Section: 4A.
Title: Viking and not so Viking brutalities
Prize: 2nd 4A Category
Artist: Ferni Llopis

falla  J Costa-Burriana 2023

Falla: J Costa-Burriana.
Section: 4A.
Title: Off with his head
Prize: 3rd 4A Category
Artist: Mario y Enrique Castells

4B and 4C Sections

falla Cuba-Buenos Aires 2023

Falla: Cuba-Buenos Aires.
Section: 4B.
Title: Throw him fiesta
Prize: no prize 4B Category
Artist: Cristian García

falla Maella-Francia 2023

Falla: Maella-Francia.
Section: 4B.
Title: To Venice with love
Prize: no prize 4B Category
Artist: Mauricio Moreira

falla Canarias-Elche 2023

Falla: Canarias-Elche.
Section: 4C.
Title: La cosa nostra
Prize: 7th 4C Category
Artist: Javier Rico

falla Pando-Serrano 2023

Falla: Pando-Serrano.
Section: 4C.
Title: What a corral!
Prize: no prize 4C Category
Artist: Arturo Vallés

5B and 5C Sections

falla Calabazas-En Gall  2023

Falla: Calabazas-En Gall.
Section: 5B.
Title: To save the world
Prize: 3rd 5B Category
Artist: Pedro Espadero

falla Cádiz-Denia 2023

Falla: Cádiz-Denia.
Section: 5B.
Title: Game of hearts
Prize: no prize 5B Category
Artist: Xavi Bonilla

falla S Abril-Pedro III 2023

Falla: S Abril-Pedro III.
Section: 5C.
Prize: 2nd 5C Category
Artist: Joserra Lisarde

falla Mercado Ruzafa 2023

Falla: Mercado Ruzafa.
Section: 5C.
Prize: no prize 5C Category
Artist: Iván Martínez

6C and 7C Sections

Falla: Sevilla-Denia. Title: There are classes and classes. Prize: 1st 6C Category. Artist: Joserra Lisarde
falla En plom-Guillem de Castro 2023

Falla: En plom-Guillem de Castro.
Section: 6C.
Title:With the music to another place
Prize: 7th 6C Category
Artist: Óscar García

falla Regne-Serrano 2023

Falla: Regne-Serrano.
Section: 7C.
Title:Let me be warm and let people laugh
Prize: 4th 7C Category
Artist: Jose Luis Platero

falla Vivons-Romeu 2023

Falla: Vivons-Romeu.
Section: 7C.
Title:My neighborhood
Prize: 8th 7C Category
Artist: Vicente Zacarés

8A, 8B and 8C Sections

falla Baja-Morella 2023

Falla: Baja-Morella.
Section: 8A.
Title: Much milk
Prize: 6th 8A Category
Artist: Cristian García

falla Sorolla-Recadero 2023

Falla: Sorolla-Recadero.
Section: 8A.
Title: The creation
Prize: no prize 8A Category
Artist: Arte efímero

falla Oliag-Mariola 2023

Falla: Oliag-Mariola.
Section: 8B.
Title: True super heroes
Prize: 5th 8B Category
Artist: Xavier Herrero

falla Aguilar-Perelló 2023

Falla: Aguilar-Perelló.
Section: 8C.
Title: This have eggs
Prize: no prize 8C Category
Artist: Maria Teresa Meliá

falla San Valero-Plata 2023

Falla: San Valero-Plata.
Section: 8C.
Title: Pirates
Prize: no prize 8C Category
Artist: Vicente Chaveli