Falla Na Jordana

"Clover earth. Land of hope, faith, love and luck."

Artist: Mario Gual.

Prize: 4th Special Section.

Cost: 150.000 Euros.

"The land of clover is an imaginary country, an utopian kingdom where magical four-leaf clovers grow. But how difficult it is to find them! Whoever discovers them will be happy. Luck, love, faith and hope will accompany you.

The Clover Earth syndic has discovered that the fallas are Universal Heritage of Humanity and wants to establish them, adapting them to the peculiar mood of the inhabitants of his country, although the vices of the reference party will also matter.

In Villa Esperanza, the indigenous people make it own and adapt the lyrics of the fallero. In the Sanctuary of Faith, those who control the festival are worshiped. In the casino it is played dirty and chance prevails over common sense. Roulette designates a disabled jury. In the Portal Nou, the fallas of yesterday inspire those of today."

"There is a 'estoreta velleta' for this poor and funny 'Falla of the gnomes', although it has been made for them... without renowned artists.
They are making a new version of the lyrics of the Fallero, these gnomes without knowing it, showing grace, filling their eyes with emotion.
The elves here interpret this song in tune, and now they also transmit all the values that complete their eagerness and illusion."

"On the posters you can see the name of prominent commissions, which everyone surely knows... especially in these regions.
In this fantastic place made with taste and filigree, the Na Jordana Falla stands out between green and yellow.
We are in the middle and it is difficult to be champions, even if desire continues... we always set up good 'big fallas'.
That rightly hurts and burns us after all the year of effort, and in the end it will all be tears because the Falla is divine, and everyone imagines... a prize that fills hearts. "

"What will become of our party, even on this ground? Will it make sense and sensible?
His work is difficult despite being quite positive, there are many leprechauns 'playing around', and that's how everything goes, in decline.
'Awakening our hearts' our green village lives, all the flowers rejoice, driving away even fears... because summer is coming. "

" The druid between eyebrows wants to give him that great pleasure, to give the couple a gift, with a fair socarrat.
The utensil is the paella, a cauldron as some say, and it is eaten according to the appropriate places."

"Many of them are not prepared and that suit is too big for them, when they have to do triage, without knowing much about Falla, setting up the auction fight, and creating a very bad image.
A new world arrives in the Country of Trevol, greedy people, where clothing or appearance does not matter much"

"The tombstones represent everything that the party has killed, like the '14 meters' thing, which is outrageous today.
The Federación de las Fallas de Especial is very grey, from supporting the fights, which in the end have continued to grow.

This is the situation that makes artists desperate, failing their mission, not even a miracle is a solution, for the 'Saint' who is venerated here.
Famous for that speech full of beautiful words, which the perjurers forgot, relying on beautiful fables and glamorous tales
The falleros push a lot - we want it pretty and big. And they go home, driving him crazy, because they often go to the workshop.
The president and Juliá are not missing every week, even though the visit is known, they only need the cassock... in the craftsman's workshop."

"And we were missing Galdiana here as the rector of Vallfogona, who says what he wants, with a speech that does little to adorn... and does little to artists.
There is no shortage of the altar boy -a certain Prim, it may sound familiar to you- who is helpful, small, at the same time quite 'blavet', and instructs the rector very well.
De Santo can be a demon, all this in a few years, before the artist was suitable, and now with so much heritage, we see how he suffers damages.
Today it is the other way around, respect has been lost, and it is a very adverse profession, which lives immersed in the crisis, and the future is very screwed.
You see here the sanctuary -which used to belong to a great Saint- of an extraordinary artist, with dates on the calendar... and an impressive prestige.
More saints than the church has and many of them named by finger, they treat them of you, but the cork 'burns well'... the bag of the aforementioned."

"Our FALLA leads you to a very thorny story, the artist with a good trace, has made it beautiful, delightful.
Who surrender to pleasure, to enjoy without knowing that lust is a sin, and God sees through a hole, that you are then a 'bad person'."

"This spicy scene where instincts emerge and get lost in labyrinths, of sex that gives addiction, to the boy and the girl.
Young, very modern people call this 'peach': -the passion fruit- that blinds and dazzles many."

falla na jordana 2023

"Little 'non-red' riding hood has no respect for anything, and goes overboard in excess, as if she were the only star, always criticizing others.
The wolf seems to be jinxed and almost everything turns out to be the opposite, he goes from ordeal to ordeal, and it seems that he has a difficult time, with whom he has as an adversary."

falla na jordana 2023

"The Grezzi has made friends with the chameleon without hesitation, for that big mess... of the colors to park.
And here in Ciutat Vella not even the chameleon is worth it, the City Council knows how to suck well."

falla na jordana 2023

"The turtle says what it wants and nothing happens to it... because it knows that the snail... it's true that it doesn't have 'bad slime'.
Being slow may be the virtue that is not highly valued, but these two have been able to take advantage of the play."

falla na jordana 2023

" The elephant has fallen in love with a tiny ant, and he wants to find her the hole... of love whatever. "

"In the 'Oh Fortuna' casino, many people tend to get addicted, especially in gambling, which, as if it were the moon, they believe is going to change.
Trusting a lot in luck and not 'working' throughout the year often leads to disappointment, and to say: a one-eyed man looked at me, rather than saying it's a trap.
Play roulette here to choose a group of undocumented jurors, for this specific task, where they have been convoyed.
The great future of luck is a great specialist, and he is the protagonist of the game, of cheating the very edge, like a vulgar pickpocket."

falla na jordana 2023

"Luck has been adverse to the leprechaun that we see sad, because he has lost everything, turning out just the opposite, for being stupid.
Next door we see the croupier - the word comes from France - who controls the table well, and especially the money... when the unwary believes the fable. "

falla na jordana 2023

"'The cat that invites in' in Japan Maneki nejo, very good luck usually gives, which resounds like an echo.
He is always with his little hand greeting us at all hours, and he also gives us a hard time... from night to dawn.
On the other hand, many people don't like our black cat... even though some are happy, the fame he has is fatal.
By a strange spell for some it is bad luck, and for others privilege... they are numbers of life and death."

"He goes on the back of a beautiful horse -a unicorn in question- riding without fainting, to a kingdom of illusion.
Here in the Clover Country they think they will be happy, accompanied by this deer, guiding them through paradises.
A beautiful elf has kidnapped her to take her to his own world, and the frightened fallera believes she lives inside a nightmare.

"Life collects bail and makes you really suffer: befriend hope, to be able to say no... to those who hate you to the utmost.
Hope, love and luck are the keys to life, and with faith you will fight very hard... to find your way out."

"They flutter above the house, which is a huge mushroom, the fairies that put a fee, for this beautiful place... watching everything that happens.
This god is the guardian of the clover that is measure, and now he is a talisman... of the purest innocence."