Child Falla Gayano Lluch


Artist: Sergio Alcañiz.

Prize: 3rd special section.

Cost: 34.900 Euros.

"On the foundations of the Earth extend the four elemental kingdoms that sustain the vitality of the planet.

But the reality is that for the development of human life there are thousands of basic things fighting for our attention and that, at the same time, are very vital to our existence.
Many times they are those to which we barely pay attention, such as that fifth element that guides us towards a happier and more fulfilling existence."

The zenith
"If you wonder about the Zenit while you observe the falla, you will see that your soul dances letting itself be carried away by the charm. Well, that element that is sought is within the person, and to each one it carries and gives the power to be happy."

"At first you will see that in kites and pirouettes, brave as pesetas, Terra, shows her courage. She gives us life and courage and somewhat lunatic ideas, but also aromatic herbs and flowers full of color."

"With a small, steady hand you can guide a dragon, and swallow a lot of saliva if it goes sideways."

Child falla Gayano Lluch  2023

"There are moments that you should keep as if they were a treasure, like this granddaughter and her granny who love each other with their hearts."

Child falla Gayano Lluch  2023

"When we are little we are innocence, when we are young; discovery, and reaching maturity, balance in body and mind."

"When your imagination flies you can end up being a painter, with a broad or fine brush, in black and white or colour."

"Mother Nature here takes care of us and comforts us, and whoever never educating us will throw in the towel."

Child falla Gayano Lluch  2023

"Full of animals and grass, the world is wonderful, so let's not play dumb and have them all clean."

Child falla Gayano Lluch  2023

"Don't worry if the road is painted dark black, persevere in joy and you will have a great future."

"Shot like a bullet into the air full of dreams, and banishes nightmares, fear, obstacles and cold. He is all freedom, struggle, imagination, inventiveness... But be careful! with the expectation, because air is also ' a fart!."

"Showing ourselves as we are should always be the goal, so don't forget, friend, that to be free is to be alive.
It doesn't matter if you are beautiful or ugly, if you are a prince or if you are an ogre, you must be free, fly high and let nothing spoil you. "

Child falla Gayano Lluch  2023

Peace and calm
"iT's not far from the city, you won't find him doing voodoo, you won't find him putting some earplugs either. Peace is within you!"

"Swinging with peace and calm, water flows with placidity, and it is she all sharpness if you want to find happiness.
So she lets her drive you and her dripping calms you even if i don't deny you, it makes you want to pee. "

"Expermiting and living, meeting, touching, feeling, leaving emotions free, is the magic of existing."

Child falla Gayano Lluch  2023

"From childhood to old age there is only half a sigh, so take a breath, we are going to submerge."

"With perfect volantines the fire makes a triumphant entrance, and with a passionate soul it gives us its greatest treasure.
For within it shelters the spirit of our land and that is why the flames hold us within our hearts. "

Child falla Gayano Lluch  2023

"Passion, strength and revival just like the Phoenix bird does, with ashes, resurrection, the falleros and falleras make pure passion out of fire.
Our friend with strength and with a lot of love supported, she can overcome anything because she is accompanied. "

Child falla Gayano Lluch  2023

"There are those who shine for being unique, there are those who do it because they are creative, but the best thing is to shine for being fair and positive."

"To reach a good end and achieve our goals, we need energy... and take a hit twice."