Falla Exposición-Mascó


Artist: David Sánchez Llongo.

Prize: 1st Special Section.

Cost: 160.000 Euros.

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"We all have a favorite color. At school we learn to use colored pencils and crayons to express ourselves through drawing.

The primary colors are the warriors 'Blue', 'Magenta' and 'Yellow', who face the absence of light, 'Black'.
'White' is the dragon of light. Without it, nothing would be possible in Kromatica, the land of the origin of colors, where the villages of pictorial techniques are located, such as the town of Las Ceras Manley, the city of Pastel, the town of Watercolor and the Oil complex, where pigments are prepared with oils.

In life there are those who remain blank, others turn purple and many like to turn their rivals green. Those hardest hit by the crisis are black. The yellow press is only interested in celebrity scandals.
LGTBI diversity is represented with the colors of the rainbow. Prince Charming appears a lot in the tabloids."

"The color revolution catches you with different tints and tones, being one or the other will put you on the map.
Tired of blacks and whites, it's time to live a life in color and forget to walk in darkness.
Each color will do its part, together they will make a great group and separately they will all want power.
And letthe falla tell you, that things have a good color, not everything is thinking about alcohol".

falla exposición-mascó 2023

Ecological green "Children are the maintenance team and they are becoming more and more experts and aware of the reality that 'nanos' are a reference.
It is increasingly necessary to address the problem and take a 'selfie' in case it ends. This our green planet must be respected.
Things in which we are GREEN: caring for the lagoon, in green parks, global awareness, public transport, green in emissions."

falla exposición-mascó 2023

Screaming yellow "Yellows stayed in that laboratory when a virus escaped one day, their 'funk' was clearly notorious.
'Screaming' yellow became at times the face of the director very scared, he thought he was dying and his heart was going two hundred. "

White or black "Black and white, life and death, saying goodbye in less than a second, remembering it will be our luck.
Black and white, being in body or in spirit to mark the path of our future and a legacy that is its cry from fallas.
Black and white, and fire escapes into the air. Fire that fans a flame full of memories. Memories that give life to the fallero that I am."

falla exposición-mascó 2023

The City of Manley Waxes "In the city of Manley waxes, the colors of when we were little inhabit, those that have been replaced by black and white, erasing our sweet memories...
And could you remember your first drawing?"

falla exposición-mascó 2023

Alderman brown "Now that the browns have changed hands, it will be Fuset who will grab them with desire, a lot of Compromís, but without rest.
The browns fell on all sides to the councilor Galiana, it was friendly fire with poisoned darts.
The brown of a pandemic touched him, a card game without trumps, which he won to plant again. "

falla exposición-mascó 2023

Prince blue "A charming prince of this century, a prince chosen by all. He will be president if someone does not remedy it.
Feijoo, charming prince on the right, dreams of having Spain satisfied.
Alone with a serious face, he thinks of La Moncloa and already sees himself as an almighty. "

Mallow Dona "The Mallow of feminism has a reference to Carmen Alborch. An example of dedication and moderation that infected people.
Cármen from a Malva and Rosa cloud looks at us from her swing, and that we respect each other, she proposes.
The woman put herself in the center of the scene without aggressiveness, without confrontation, and she carried progressive values in her vein. "

falla exposición-mascó 2023

Blood red "The sky turns red with the missiles that form a sea of fire and fear, and that are fired by imbeciles.
Strong red is the color of conflict, a war between almost brothers and a 'moron' who wants to go undefeated.
A demon for the world interests of strong red color. Intense and mean, capable of making his viral attacks. "

falla exposición-mascó 2023

Inclusion colors "The colorful gypsy. Rose with thorns was his life, rejected and belittled by many people and he fell for it.
Rose of a more raised tone with freedom as the flag, whatever others say.
A world of pink color Titi painted with 'colorines' for him it was not easy."