Child Falla Ciscar-Burriana

"Cure, cure, healthy cure"

Artist: Bernardo Estela.

Prize: 9th special section.

Cost: 33.000 Euros.

"For centuries, traditional medicine is what has cured humanity's diseases.

There are various types of traditional medicine. We made a trip to visit all the places in the world where there is a traditional medicine.
The Geisha invites us to use oriental medicine to cure our ills. In ancient times, the druids healed the sick with concoctions made from forest plants. Shamans use spiritual methods. The healer is a healer who uses natural methods or the laying on of hands.
Vaccines and the discovery of penicillin have prevented many deaths."

"Natural solutions to cure diseases are traditional remedies and with the best guarantees.
The oriental goddess of health and well-being has many ancestral remedies to heal us.
From Asia we have received products so curative that they have provided us with the most effective remedies.
The carps are the ones that give the necessary fortune to heal people in an extraordinary way."

"From the top of this great llama they are drinking tea, which the angel pours out for them to drink hot.
Preparing the best tea is a perfect ritual, and some say that it comes from a very ancient time."

Child Falla Ciscar-Burriana  2023

"The herbalist wants to give us the best infusions, to be able to cure us, he has various solutions."

"They are the best healers that can exist in the world, it seems that they have powers and they bring them out.
The shaman couple makes a preparation of some Afircan potions for a cure."

Child Falla Ciscar-Burriana  2023

"With enormous sweetness, pediatricians are always there when the cold arrives, and the children fall ill."

"Grandpa teaches grandchildren the secrets of acupuncture, so children put needles carefully."

"Old stories tell that he who climbed a dragon won two thousand battles and never fell ill."

"Artemisa is a plant that can be made as an infusion, and everyone loves it because it eliminates pain."