Child Falla Na Jordana

"Instruction manual"

Artist: Miguel Hernández.

Prize: 9th special section.

Cost: 25.000 Euros.

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"An instruction manual is, in general, a loose sheet or a set of bound sheets that are usually included in the boxes of the objects that we buy and that are complicated to use."

"We can also find them in the packaging of difficult-to-assemble products. By learning to inhabit the house, we learn at the same time to inhabit our interior. Because the house is our place in the world, our space, our most intimate being."

All privacy needs a place. Everyone chooses a small space in their home where they make life to the fullest. Also material to build and where to build. There will hardly be those corners that we choose, the ones that tell us how to relate to the rest, with ourselves and with life. It is when we learn to inhabit the home, when we truly learn to inhabit our privacy.

The spaces of each house are between us. As we find ourselves in them. Everything that is going to happen and that will happen every day inside a house inevitably marks our behavior outside it. Because home is our corner of the world. It is our first universe. As if it seemed the map of our intimate being. It is really a cosmos.