Child Falla Sueca-Azorín

"The circus"

Artist: Sergio Gómez.

Prize: 8th special section.

Cost: 24.000 Euros.

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"Ruzafa is the birthplace of modern circus in Valencia since it was built in the late nineteenth century the main theater-circuses of the city.                              There acted and were forged the most illustrious era circus members. "

"Gradually faded away those old Theatre-Circus for traveling circuses, highlighting some Valencians as Maravillas, Mariano, cortés or Segura that were the delight of an audience that could even see their rehearsals on the beach."

"From the 50s, valencia receives regularly the lavish visit of Russian circus, which floods our streets with the world's largest show: strongmen, men arrow and bullet imitators of sounds, jugglers, contortionists, magicians, animal tamers or clowns."

"This year make a very special performance at the Sueca and Literato Azorin street: the final show.
Come and see, the circus has arrived!"


"The pierrot invites us to enjoy the greatest show on earth. Feel free to go!."

beast tamer and puppy

"Irina, world famous tamer, dubbed the 'Queen of Kings' struggle to protect the animal world.
                            Marcos is the bravest puppy, is not afraid of the lion and tiger and wanders blithely."


"Jose Martínez masterfully portrays his camera and flash, the function of a colossal circus."

a tightrope walker on elephant

"Paulina, dancer, a tightrope walker and acrobat over and elephant surprise, relying only on the shoe."


"Marcelino is the most complete, funny, a tightrope walker and clown puppet, his repertoire is full of surprises."

bullet man

"The bullet man flies on stage driven by the explosion of the cannon, thanks to the invention of a visionary."

clown and cannon

"Clown Charlie plays party music and his monkey conquers all public."


"Louis strongman makes a great display, is the strongest man who ever lived, and lift any weight without complication."

fire eater

"A powerful flare forward with his mouth showing great precision the fire eater."

bear with accordion

"From the 'Red Square', a World Heritage Site, reaches Ruzafa the Russian circus, cheerful and colorful in fallas to act as proof of friendship."

a tightrope walker

"Hurguini advantaged follower of this great tightrope walker demonstrates her mastery."


"In the Theater-Circus of Ruzafa debuted Paco Sanz, the most important ventriloquist who has seen the world."

trapeze artist

"Pinito gold, is the queen trapeze, fly without a net in all directions, pushing up the public adrenaline."

circus family

"The family prepares the function, aim, offer the best performance."


"Captain Milá is a legend, flies over the sky of Valencia doing a tremendous display."