Falla Sueca-Azorín

"Circus-stances of life"

Artist: Javier Álvarez-Sala.

Prize: 9th Special Section.

Cost: 100.000 Euros.

Height:21 metres.

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"The Greatest Show on Earth, the circus. It has many similarities with our day to day and their 'Circ..umstances of life'."

"Around a beautiful young scene head crowned by a fakir and a Bengal tiger, the scenes that show that our daily life could well happen under a circus tent, follow one another."

strong man

"The Strongman. The faller with his effort keeps the great weight of this party, music light, monuments and pyrotechnics."

"Is a number that can be seen every year in Valencia is the second week of March, from the center to the periphery."

"The strongman of our show wears a good Saraguell, as he sculpted his muscles with hard fallas work."


"Taming the beasts ... the lion's den. Back in our houses we see large circus shows starred by women, which would never appreciate."

"The room, a mess. His children cry fierce and she has a nervous breakdown while man sees football!."

"This great housewife has experience in taming wild beasts with his skill, from morning till dinner."

lion with hoop

"Come in animal, come in. The great Lion proposes that we go throgh his great hoop to enjoy an experience that everyone not sit well."

"An interesting experiment to be inside the bars, while the animals are looking rapt."

"They will throw food, take pictures unmercifully assaulting your privacy, without any contemplation!."

"We hope that when you return to visit a zoo, what you have seen here remember, just to be more logical."

Municipal balancing act.

"Look at these two, that make us look up, toward a dangerous number where she could end up crushed."

"She is the Fallas festival worthy of admiration, walking gingerly, since rules Ribo."

"Beside her, the trapeze. An imposing big man wants to save the fallas. They say it is the fallas group, but does everything the other way around!."


"Spain levitates in the air since the elections, no government in sight, and with a gesture of concern!"

"will Pedrito awakens, perhaps Iglesias or Rivera? Who knows if it will Rajoy, who now abandoned the task!."

The circus of politics.

"Mariano Rajoy ,the tallest won at the polls, but the circus had to close for messes like Gurtel."

"And we also Rivera, saw himself as winner and now makes a pact with anyone, to continue the function!."

"Pedro SánchezHe was second, and now wants a hurry, the public will go to his function, although there if fight in his party."

"Pablo Iglesias does not want breed, but also invites us to his circus, grabbing by the eggs to the Socialists, to be finally vice president."

The circus of the sun.

"The poor contortionist wanted to grab the sun, and now two asses crush him, making huge shadow!."

"The strongman of the family to the beach has arrived, with his family and his tent planting."

"A number of escapism stars this woman, buried by the child, who have no good idea!."

"Here we have the bearded lady, show like no other, of the women in the summer, that do not want to depilate."

"A peddler of the harder still, trying to get big asses in tiny thong!."

"The three are the big powers that make us dance to their tune, the church, bankers and media."

"It does not matter that the tent is red or blue, these three musicians we always have grasped the baton."


"Catalonia and Spain, a love tightrope. In the tightrope this love is swinging listlessly, is in crisis the Spanish and Catalan acrobat!."

"They swing skyward, everyone always looks at them. Now she wants to be independent and the number to 'escape'."

bat and cannon

"The man bullet. The bat is Valencia, which voted in May and launched its star of the past 24 years."