Child Falla Na Jordana


Artist: Joan S. Blanch.

Prize: 1st special section and 1st talent and grace.

Cost: 25.000 Euros.

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"As a social expression, greeting, of respect or love."

"With Grandpa a 'muac "pricking. With Grandma a 'muac submachine gun ". A "muac" searched and not found. A "muac" guard, a 'muac "dog. Or a "muac" good night."

first love

"The adoles.The kiss of the first love."

playing for a kisss

"The play. Playing for kiss. Who hasn't play with a bottle?."

kiss of good night

"The goodnight. Kiss for dreaming."


"The guard. Kiss for everything that moves."


"El busca. Beso que no recibes.
El húmedo. Beso que moja.
El aprieta. Beso que ahoga."


"The frustrated. Kiss you will not give."

kiss teddy bear

"The object. Kiss you give your things."

moustached grandfather kissing

"The prick. Kiss produced by a mustache."

grandmother kissing

"The submachine gun. Very repetitive kiss."

consolation kiss

"Consolation kiss.That improves a shame, pain or disgust."

dodging a kiss

"The cobra. The more elusive kiss."

rubbing noses

"Eskimo. Nose kiss."

mother kissing baby

"The mother. Love kiss of a mother."

good morning kiss

"The goodmorning. Kiss necessary to awaken."


"The NJ. Kiss that Na Jordana gives if you see the falla."

kiss in mirror

"The auto. Solitary kiss."

kissing daddy

"The daddy. Love kiss to a father."


"The good bye. Farewell kiss."


"The disgust. Repellent kiss."

ko by a kiss

"The ko. Kiss that leaves you offside."


"The forgives. Kiss of apology."

kiss for pain

"The wound. Kiss that relieves pain."

princess kiss a frog

"The hope. Kiss that can make you feel prince."