Falla Na Jordana

"Whats behind a kiss"

Artist: Jose Lafarga.

Prize: 11th Special Section.

Cost: 140.000 Euros.

Height:15 metres.

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"Oh Kisses! how we wish then! As we build around kisses dreams that stop time and take us to impossible paradises !."                     

"But behind a kiss there is much more than a fantasy of relentlessly lovers."

kiss the ground

"My land, my land, land I won't kiss. To get an expression of love, I no longer think ducking me. Oniric kiss of chromaticism, kiss of drum and flute. Kiss of firm muixeranga."


"Monteolivete's lair, if you go live, you end up buried. If you enjoy the necrophiliac, you know where you can find us."

elder in love

"I can be old, but i am lover Get me the most fragrant flowers. Give me a kiss within the flowers, let me taste your love."

the kiss

"Gustav Klimt gold strikes the middle of the beating hearts of youth, which gives envy by the deep kissing of lovers."

sailor kissing girl

"No maiden in the world that does not lose reason, or you have your longing with the kiss of a sailor. What will the kiss os sailor have?."

Robin kisses the hand of Marian

"In the shadows of Sherwwod, Robin kissing with Marian. In the sacred forest Errol Flynn kissesOlivia de Havilland. And in the cinema kisses we look, we want, we feel the loss adventure, bad dream fulfilled .. or that it was to kiss the hand of that lady."


"Against wars, kisses. Against exoduses, kisses; against shipwrecks, kisses, against the barbed wire, kisses; against unjust laws, kisses, against fear of the other, kissing.
                          open lips, you bring to a heart that refuge."

lady with boy and monkey

"Thirteen years have passed and look tired. Those children are grown, but not for the world that immature continues to elude kisses. Kiss of mother, pure mother, Mother Nature."

mayor joan ribó

"Mayor bike-orchestra gives kisses to the city. Kisses are welcome but now to do effective management."

women playing instruments

"Four girls make protest against cultural Iva four podemitas girls, subversive, radical."


" But crotch washed and a good hairstyle are made to throw kisses to the crowd of this falla so special."

tree with worms

"Benicarló palace, where the worms do not do cocoon, and where worms eat mulberry trees and raise their voice very loud."


"Silk, what fallas people do not know? China illustrious fabric in Valencia gains luster."