Child Falla Convento Jerusalén

"Pirate promise"

Artist: Miguel Santaeulalia.

Prize: 6th special section.

Cost: 31.750 Euros.

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"Throw yourself into the approach, small privateer, master of the seven seas. Dream little pirate, your galleon "the convent" tackle ports full of awards, masclets and ninots."


pirates and mermaids

"Loose singing, brave look, in the lips an enchanted song, beautiful queens of odysseys more mysterious than you expect."

pirates and mermaids

"They are sirens or are falleras? beauty wherever you look."

pirate girl

"And if the miscreants do not want, this steel sword test."

pirates chasing woman

"It may be that she possesses riches in sight, it may also she is funny and list, she might end up in my cabin, it may be that she is so fat, that break the bed .... mother mine !! It can be what I said?."

pirates chasing woman

"Today we will be fearsome quarrelsome and meat of over a thousand taverns, we'll go with sweet ladies."


"We go to rescue the princess, we must hurry, of filibusters is prey.


"Put in a row enemies, he has already reached the battle! Jack Black is already on the beach! opening adversaries from the navel."

pirate chest

"From the cabin boy to captain they sing that pirate song, as the one who sings his fear frightens."


"Small sea nymph with beautiful mermaid hair, Love me with your charm, make me your singer."


"It was loaded with treasures, our captain dreamed of heart, queen of the pirates, privateers, filled with gold, pearls and silver coins."

giant octopus

"From ayssal depths comes a monstrous squid, sailors eat with salt, sea fearsome the terror Craken!."

"Hated in the whole ocean, try not to run into it, he can always open your channel, giving you the final embrace!."

boy fishing

"Incredible show, King Tentacle."

ship and octopus

"Young octopus, squid king, you who are all leg and head, you who are in the sea, loose ink and stain as you know."

pirate girl

"Beautiful pirate owns my heart, yours is the ocean in your eyes, if you knew how I love you, be mine and would not be afraid."

pirates drinking

"We have finally reached the cantina, brings beer, great wench! in my throat it is where it gets,on the table it burns my eyes!."

"From the east are the Mamluks, are dressed in velvet very presumptuous, to give us a kick in the ass ...!."

"Buccaneers, pirates from islet 'Terroir', feared Barbado and Barbadiño, come, fight with us and you will have the entire Caribbean prostrated".

"Take the bottle of rum hoist the mainsail to the wind, the brave buccaneer approach !, follow the treasure map, prizes and awards in Convento!".

bird drinking

"The exotic bird is drunk!."