Falla Convento Jerusalén

"The best, mine"

Artist: Pedro Santaeulalia.

Prize: 2nd Special Section.

Cost: 200.000 Euros.

Height:20 metres.

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"When talking about something that is our we refuse the evidence to justify that ours is the best, defend the impossible and make it clear that 'the best, mine."


"the words 'The best, mine' in this falla many times you will feel."

"A large international fight can be found in this catafalque."

"The best party, mine."

"Of the always times games we should all learn."

"They fight as if they were boys, just to have the voter satisfied."

"The best love, mine."

"As the first love ... none!! 'The best, mine'."

"A few years ago love was a full thing, kisses, hugs, all pink."

"Today love is cyber, does not talk to the face and the result is pathetic."

"The best pub?, mine."

"As traditional cuisine there is nothing, you eat enough and they don't take all your money."

"If we talk about the new cuisine, things change, it is expensive and not fill your belly."

"The best falla, mine."

"Fuset does not see the time, because every day fallas bangs him."

"Their falla is the best and shit on the brotherhood."

pere fuset

Chairman of the Central Board Fallera. Pere Fuset.

"The sportiest city?, valencia!."

"Doing running has become fashionable, for many guzzlers, this trend is uncomfortable."

"If then we do lunch, the road running will be distracted."

peter lim

Owner of Valencia CF. Peter Lim.

"The best policy ?, mine which is sustainable!."

"A story stroke Grezzi wins the covers. Ideas that ultimately are always rejected."

"A more sustainable new Valencia imposes Grezzi at an incredible pace."

grezzi on tricycle

Spokesman for the Greens in Valencia. Giuseppe Grezzi.

ximo puig

President of the Valencian community.Ximo Puig.

"Take good care of communications makes you able to win an election."

"Compromís of the networks is king, to rock all is their law!."

"Politicians say, the best match mine, which are not clarified everyone sees it."

Joan Ribó

MAyor of Valencia. Joan Ribó.

"Best drink meeting?, ours!!."

"Chinese, European and American, to see who catches the biggest binge."