Falla Ayuntamiento

"Fallas in the world"

Artist: Manolo García.

Cost: 170.000 Euros.

Height:23 metres.

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"The figure of a craftsman symbolizes and pays tribute to all the craftsmen and Valencians designers, including faller. Special remembrance for the 5 fallas planted in the Ayuntamiento square significant for their icons of countries in the world. : the Eiffel Tower (1966), the statue of Liberty (1973), Concorde (1981), David of Miguel Ángel (1991), Moisés (2014) and the coat of Valencia.
The last 51 fallas planted in the town hall square, reproduced in photography around the base of the falla."

"Fallas, artistic heritage of the Valencians, wishes to be recognized as a cultural World Heritage."

"Como por mucho que se compare no hay en el mundo fiesta igual, solo falta que la UNESCO la declare patrimonio inmaterial."

coat of arms of valencia

" A very brave falla the council has had, so here is represented by the symbol of our coat of arms."

statue of Liberty

"The falla has the virtue exploit the truth and it has always been art, grace and freedom."

david of Miguel angel

"As that shepherd David over Goliath, our craftsman has the courage to overcome in the city."


"Fallas, inevitably, have always had a great weight, and have appeared here as in Tables Law of Moses."

eiffel tower

"Falla has traveled the world in model, and so here we had even the Eiffel Tower."