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Videos and pictures of the main Fallas of the year 2010.

Winner falla was Convento de Jerusalén, breaking the six in a row victories of Nou Campanar. Winner infantile falla was Exposición-Mascó which also won the pardoned ninot and the infantile pardoned ninot.

fallas valencia 2010

fallas valencia 2010

1 Junio/2010 Finished with all the pictures and videos of fallas 2010.

1 Junio/2010 Fotos and videosof falla Cadarso-Altea.

24 May/2010 Pictures and videos of falla Sueca-Azorín.

18 May/2010 Pictures and videos of falla Na Jordana.

Pictures and videos of falla Ayuntamiento,Convento Jerusalén, Nou Campanar, Cadarso-Altea, Sueca-Azorín, Pilar, Na Jordana, Exposición-Mascó,Cuba-Azorín, Merced, Antiga Campanar and other sections.

Also infantile fallas of Ayuntamiento, Exposición-Mascó,Nou Campanar, Jesús-S Francisco, Antiga Campanar, Sueca-Azorín, Convento Jerusalén, Na Jordana,Cadarso-Altea, Regne Valencia, Alameda-Francia, Ciscar-Burriana, Cuba-Azorín and other sections.

Available pictures and videos of Expo Ninot.



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