Winner of 2010 was falla Convento Jerusalén with a budget of 300.000 euros artist Paco López made a precious falla that was able to beat the hegemony of Nou Campanar in the last six years.


Nou Campanar secured the second prize with the most expensive falla of 2010, with 600.000 euros of budget and artist Pere Baenas. Nevertheless this year the size and number of scenes weren't enough to win the first prize.


Falla Cadarso-Altea won the third prize with a great jump ahead in the quality of the falla, and following with the artist of the last years, Manuel Algarra. This falla had many ninots depicting famous people and full of criticism, pleased everybody.

Pardoned ninot was for falla Exposición-Mascó, which also had the pardoned infantile ninot and the first prize of infantile fallas.


Our prefered fallas were Cadarso and Sueca.


The first prize of “talent and grace” was again for the Falla of Na Jordana


Falla Ayuntamiento

"Fallas? or work?"

In the days of Fallas there are people who works for everything to come out without problems in this festivity.

Convento Jerusalén - 1st Prize.

"Bound for the paradise" 2nd Talent and grace.

The tree of life: the Lady of the Summer, the elder of the Autumn, the Lord of the Winter and the beautiful Spring.

Nou Campanar - 2nd Prize.

"The kiss"

The kiss that gives the sea to the land.

Cadarso-Altea - 3rd Prize.

"Crisis? what crisis?"

Chicago in the twenties with the "great depression". Cruel mockering toward the companies, agencies and people that so much welfare bring to the citizen.

Sueca-Azorín - 4th Prize.

"Planet Fallas"

The Valencian dreams of contemplating the Earth as a place where Fallas succeed. Is the planet Fallas imagined.

Pza del Pilar - 6th Prize.

"Modern times"

Recalling the movie of Charly Chaplin, of the same title. The advances and the innovations of the movies, photography, aviation, radio, ...

Na Jordana - 7th Prize.

"As you see i am crazy" 1st Talent and grace.

All we can be branded in some moment as lunatics. The human mind is so complicated that we only have to find the motive or the situation which will made us lose the head.

Regne de Valencia - 8th Prize.

"But do not tell anybody" 3rd Talent and grace.

It is the usual label so that a gossip or a secret will be proclaimed to the four winds.

Exposición-Mascó - 9th Prize.

"Confidence we can give you, but..."

Confidence we can give you, but you should not abuse. All with moderation is good and is well, until begins abusing.

Cuba-Azorín - 10th Prize.

"The family Scale "

A well known middle-class family of the Victorian England of the end of the 19th century.

Pza de la Merced - 11th Prize.

"Walk by the city"

A route through the city of Valencia. The new Valencia of the 21st century, become a cosmopolitan and modern city.

L'Antiga de Campanar - 12 Prize.

"The hour of the truth"

The magician Guardian of the Earth keep an eye on the climate with a thermometer trying to save the planet from the hell.

Other fallas

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