Pictures of Fallas 2002.


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  The winning Falla in the special section was Sueca-Azorín.
After many years investing a lot of money in good Fallas, finally it obtained the first prize.
It was the Falla with the greatest budget (including the one of the city council) and with the greatest number of ninots.
1st prize Sueca
1st prize
Falla Sueca

  This Falla was about Santa Claus (Papa Noel) and the toys of Christmas.
Some details of the Falla. The reindeer were very graceful.
The locked up camels and three wise men in the jail. A toy of Toy Story that is Mr Bean.
Winning falla
Sueca lto Azorin
1st prize
1st prize

  The child falla of Sueca-Azorín was second in special section.
This was quite well done and got the pardoned ninot for child fallas.
Child falla Sueca
Child Falla Sueca
Child fallas Ninot indultat

  Falla del Pilar got the second prize.  
Falla Pilar
Falla Pilar
Falla Pilar

  Falla of the city council. The Peseta succumbing before the Euro.
Child Falla of the city council.
Falla city council
Infantil Ayuntamiento
child falla city council

  Falla Na Jordana was a little dissapointing. The infantile was better.
Na Jordana
Child falla  Na Jordana

  Falla Cuba-Azorín, and the child falla.  
child falla Cuba-Azorín

  Falla Zapadores andt two child fallas.
child falla
child falla central market

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