Child Falla Zapadores

"And me with these hairs"

Artist: Angel Navarro.

Prize: 13th special section.

Cost: 19.000 Euros.

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"A journey through the history of hairs, hairstyles and styles of hair that has been throughout history."

"This way we present the origin of some hairstyles, and the stories that hide behind them. From the beginning of time, to the present, going through a lot of hairstyles that went down in history because of their particularity or for some historical moment."

Reclining Cleopatra seems that life was going on, maybe that's why not one hair was out of place.

The hair implant
Infallible methods for which the hair has lost, although sometimes when seeing the results ... better they were bald.

People by natural never are acordant ... If we have, because we have and if it is not the case, we go crazy until we get it.

Having esparto hair
Coco&Tero is the establishment where customers are happy, the coconuts are very combed although they look like esparto.

The first haircut in history
Go to the hairdresser! says the woman already a little fed up, for not being able to look the husband in the eyes, that looks like a brown beast.

Roman era
The praetorian guard is very convinced, with a crest sticking out of his helmet, very handsome and modern.

The 80s, the move
In the 80s comes the move full of carded hairstyles, with very varied colors impossible to comb.

The Rockers
Rocker guitar in hand, toupee high in the head, character and style gives it to the music that sounds when playing.

The punk fashion came with the crests and the shaved ones showing off together in the same head. Creating style and tendency going all with strange appearance.

Sometimes we have felt 'that does not have a hair of fool' and is with or without him, we find in the story very intelligent people.

Beauty Cabin Hairs to the Sea
Special beauty cabinet where the mermaid wants to retouch with experienced professionals, who with exquisite work will make her spectacular.

Star Wars
Original hairstyles that we have never seen on earth ... that we like and think about when we see the princess if Valencia in fallas has she ever come.

My beard has three hairs
On TV we also see clowns dear and endearing. To their beard they sang and with three hairs nothing else in her, it obtained that all the children with them always sang.

Hairstyles that make history and what trends do, getting that according to the time all with the same hairstyle.

The french revolution
The women with power of the France of centuries, wore in events with worked wigs. Tall and complicated, presumed the woman and when they took it away they were nothing.

Geniuses without a fool's hair
Many people found him talking a lot about the madness of his gesture, but soon they changed his mind, when looking at his work he moved us to another place, making us travel without realizing with impressive images.
What do we have to say, for example, about Picasso? When he was older and bald, he continues doing works that left us speechless.

Afro hairstyles
Hairstyle with a lot of style makes the head big and round. 'Afro' is the name and the mystery is undoubtedly in knowing how the one who carries it does when it comes to having to comb.

Red beard, blue beard
The hair of many obsesses ... that they say it to our pirates who are in love, taking care without rest their spectacular beards.

Crazy genius hairs
Peculiar hairstyles we find in interesting people ... so busy they are working that they do not even have time to look themselves and they look like morons.