Falla El Pilar

"Who moves the threads?"

Artist: Paco Torres.

Prize: 2nd Special Section.

Cost: 165.000 Euros.

Height: 20 metres.

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"Who pulls the strings of immigration? On a beach on the shores of the North African sea, a bunch of mafia men sell their products to cross into Europe."

"Who moves the threads of independence? They are the ones who do it for shady economic and private interests. "

"Who moves the threads of tradition? In an old textile workshop an old loom is weaving with silk threads the famous Espolín.
And finally there are the threads of Satan, which are those 'herds' of goats that occur in the village festivities."

Here is the great showman, a giant trickster, who announces castles in the air and moves the threads without flushing.                     
                     Great puppet seller, manipulates puppets around the world without fear, making them dance on tiptoe.
                       If contemplating this beauty puts the soul in a thread, no matter who expresses it is feminine or virile.
                     Obsessed with beauty do not stop making the doll and follow with greed her occurrences.

She with that cool look, is a viral influencer, which turn crazy many who follow her as vital.                     
                     He has opened a thread on the internet where he recommends cosmetics, beauty and some model who likes his aesthetics.

Hanging by a thread
Three were the bad fates, the one that spins, the one that reels and the one that carves the thread of life.
                     The fallas artists spend their whole lives hanging by a thread, terrified in their workshops in case they have to close in April.                     
                     Every night the bad 'parca' visits them without missing and with the puppet she intimidates them, full of pins.

Puppets makes the craftsman dreaming of children fallas and in the falla he is about to find out 'Who moves the threads'.

Thread by mobility
Going by car is a chimera, walking a daring, public transport is not expected: flying! that is the only way.                     
                    Desperate driver in dementia has gone because in Valencia is a horror to understand the 'mobility'.

Who moves the threads
He shakes without shame the dragon of San Jordi defeated by the other carrion of big headed nationalism.                     
                    With the same chromatic set both stubborn Catalanism and fanatical Spanishism, they are 'nazionalism'.

On top of everything the wolf is called Wall Street, just say 'Alehop' for everyone to jump like goats.                     
                     The capital personifies a well masked giant, a shameless total with his heart petrified.                      
                      Hung like a puppet the fourth power boasts of manipulating the rod of those who use oratory.

The politician is very hung up manipulated by the press, who shouted slogans from a monolithic past.                     
                    And finally and to te ground, the citizen is a doll that moves to the right and to the left, turned into a whirlwind.                     
Jorge Javier and Belen, Vazquez and Esteban deny us a reality that offends them.

Tighten the thread
Motes: Since he does not like the Fuset nor his ideology, he has transformed himself into a blind and crazy ram like a harpy.                     
                     They do not stop tightening the thread to the armchairs hooked, each one defends his style very different and far away.                     
                    In the middle and like a puppet moved in fits and starts, the Fallera Mayor crashes because of these two melons.                    
                    Fuset: Since he does not like Motes nor his ideology, he has gotten pissed off and for balls does not give him any guarantee.

Parade of illuminated
The three 'fireflies' of the masks already parade, representing the ideas of the caverns.                     
                     Here is the allegory of the world 'occurrences' that affects a majority, the fault of trivial illuminators.

teresa may

Although it does not look like it, it represents Teresa May and the Brexit that is indigestible, a 'shit' without remedy.


This one that looks like 'marieta' is none other than the Trump with the border wall that is a big shame.


This with the bell has already announced that new missiles will be manufactured and is that Putin 'enlightened' makes us want to shit.

Those who spin 'fine'
Within a jury the threads always move the most savvy that obey the priggish ones by the anesthetized prestige.                     
               By profession be jury by 'casual' designation, the rest goes to his dictation since he is opinion leader.               
               He has left the criterion at home, the voice of his master pleases, with badges sweeps, this jury half-gawked.

falla jury

They told him to look at the finish of the falla, and become a jury now does not miss a line.

They do not lose thread
The Chinese do not lose thread always on the lookout for the occasion, and in a non-hostile way they negotiate the occupation.                     
               Without making a lot of noise, they occupy any space, they work flat out without any mess.               
               They started with restaurants, they continued for the bazaars, a few clothing stores and they are already the masters of the bars.

The creeper of nationalism
Radicals that moves the pro-independence threads, make them develop hostile and society intoxicate.                     
               The rancid Spanishism has not helped imposing immobilism and denying diversity.               
              The deceived will grow believing themselves majority and one day they will wake up discontented and lonely.
              Believing better than the rest leads to supremacism, the ideology that stinks the detestable Nazism.
              Years and years of victimhood have taken us to where we are and thus nationalism hides all its garbage.