Child Falla Ayuntamiento

"Flower stall nr 14"

Artist: Cap de Suro.

Cost: 28.500 Euros.

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"Despite the numerous urban reforms that the Town Hall Square has had, one element is part of the site: the flower stalls "                          

"Flowers are an element of popular culture and an infinity of celebrations, a symbolic and personal element that is often synonymous with joy, life and color.
                          The smell of flowers is associated with the different seasons in which they flower, and linked to so many other moments. It is the smell of jasmine and the smell of the orange blossom."

"Amparo sells magic flowers accompanied by her son Pau, who helps her in the stall. Boys and girls in costumes playing and representing different types of flowers. In the town hall square there are 13 flower stalls. The stall of Amparo is number 14, which in fallas, although ephemeral, is part of the traditional space of the square."

Look how many flowers, there are many colors !.   This stall is special and also super jovial.


Gerbera It can be a nice gift to welcome a newborn.


Hyacinth It means constancy, affection, the joy of the heart.
PoppyThey grow next to the roads and get into the fields.
Money plant If they give it to you and you take good care of it, it will attract the money home.

Smell until the last flower. Who leaves the essence, does not die!.


Violet Color that symbolizes women. The flower has a sweet smell.


Hortensia They can be found in different shades of red, pink and violet, white, green and blue.


Sunflower They look and follow the sun.

The flowers throughout our life are there, and with joy they will always accompany you.

Machín already sang it, that of 'two gardenias for you'.


GardeniaIt is the symbol of feminine grace, subtlety and artistic merit.

lengua de suegra, Lotus flower, Tulip

Mother in law tongue It is an ornamental plant for interiors very resistant.
Lotus flower Sacred plant and with spiritual meanings for many civilizations.
Tulip Very typical of Holland.

What can you do in the town hall square? Visit the flower stalls, naturally.


Chrysanthemum Flower with which we remember our ancestors the day of All Saints.

Posidonia, Honeysuckle

Posidonia Aquatic plant that we have to protect since it oxygenates and cleans our mediterranean sea.
Honeysuckle It has a sweet fragrance and bell-shaped flowers.

Flowers in all seasons, to fill us with emotions.

Bird from paradise

Bird from paradiseThey are found in tropical and subtropical regions.

Christmas Flower

Christmas Flower Decorate our homes at Christmas.

Visita los 14 puestos, en todos se venden flores!.

birds with bridal bouquet

Bridal bouquet Whoever catches it on the fly will marry.

Show your love, giving anyone who you love a flower.


Dandelion When it dries they call it 'grandpa'.


Rose There are many colors, the red ones symbolize love and passion.

Sing with Carmela with all your heart: Para, para, paradeta 14, a life with all smell!.
Four days will be open, the post that has pink cover.


Flortesa The flower that brings sadness. Dreamed by Pau. Created by Amparo.


Mistletoe The person who receives a kiss under the mistletoe will find love.

Daisy flower

Daisy flower You ca defoliate the petals to know if she loves you or doesn't love you.


Carnation Flower that offer our Virgin.


Pansy The general meaning of the flower is nostalgia.