Falla Na Jordana

"Paris, well worth a falla"

Artist: Toni Pérez.

Prize: 5th Special Section.

Cost: 140.000 Euros.

Height: 16 metres.

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"From the transformation of the urban plot of medieval Paris to the neo-liberal empire of Macron, through the demolition of the Vendome column on the occasion of the Commune of 1871, the singing cafes of Montmartre at the end of the century and of Montparnasse in the 1920s, by the time when the capital of France was the birthplace of art, bohemia and liberties, or because of the frustrated hope of May 68, 'Paris is worth a Mass'. "

Paris hides beautiful and horrible stories.
                   Paris contradictory of terrible extremes.
                   Paris the paradigm of the modern and pompous city without mercy.
                   Paris of appearance and paraphernalia.
                   Paris is worth a mass also a falla.

Liquid night and costumes to love: two women, crazy twenty, the right to love.
                   Almost a century has passed, and in broad daylight we celebrate being diverse. What a good habit!

A punt of Cabaret A waitress and a MILF vedet have made a TV that is a cabaret. The owner Marco raised the curtain of the new show with Carolina.                       
                        The show was joined by two terrible enfants with quick wit and sharp tongues. While Aznar washes our internal dirty rags, Alemany catches you with a lot of tongue.

Josephine Baker. La Grande Revue. Humor and beauty, total artist, light life, social struggle.
                   Oh Josephine Baker, example of pure art: fallas should learn from you! (by beautiful, creative, transgressive, unwrapped, committed and ... modern).


Long legs and slim on top of a unicycle mime. With topics, he looks for alms wearing a scarf and a beret.


Ridiculous tyrant with false grandeur, example of bad farce. I do not celebrate you at the top of the canyon, I only burn you, Napoleon.

Painting and legs in paradise. The genius with maturity leads to the magician, the years that Josephine knew.
                  Those years of avant-garde and creation that made Paris the center of the world. (Pablo Picasso ... illuminate us!).                     

Valencia and Paris are not so different, ours is thriving and the other very kitsch. Valencia and Paris are dying of horror: uncultured tourists steal their charm.

Married words, words rediscovered. What place has freedom among those who still contest options with false morality?               
               The equality has full space when there are not so many that legitimize measures that do not eliminate the great social fracture ?.                
                And where is the fraternity if many ask for barriers to close the borders denying opportunities ?.

black cat

Oh black cat, you are the emblem of the values that art pays: the bohemian Parisian with eyes of frowning disdain.

Fifty years and a legislature. Fifty Mays ago millions of red roses bloomed in Paris, and in Valencia next May four years of a singular bloom will be celebrated.                     
                     Ximet led that conquest with Monica, the battering ram of the protest. Comparsas like Sandra have now grown and aspire to the highest in their contest.                   
                   Counted and debated, what has been the dreams of that May? Everything has been in another failed attempt? Revolutions in May only mean frustrations?

To them also smell their feet. Their bodies are graceful and enviable, and we ... so far, despicable! More perfect are not, think of the smell of the feet immediately after the function.

The consecration of neoliberalism. As Napoleon did in Notre-dame by passing Josefina the crown, here Emperor Manuel Macron anointed Pablo Casado: Europa thunders!                      Although Pablito, as Catholic, would have loved Cañizares more, he manages with the apostolic decree of Merkel, the bishop of the fraternities.                     

                   And loving the former minister and the artist who sings with the flag, raise the sacred cloak that manages the two sacred colors of the Estanquera.

Fallera plus grande. Na Jordana with universal spirit today proclaims the mayor of Paris, the major fallera!. Let's shout loudly: Vive la france et vive la republique!.

The exemplary guillotine. Violators, pedophiles and sexists: you can all get to shake! Those who kill, deceive and traffic: here you will all be beheaded!                     
                     Disturbing is so unusual presence: what the hell does Villarejo in fallas?. You can already imagine it! It is in Valencia will speak with federations, parties and mafias.

There in the sky Quasimodo rises and watches inquisitive people looking for an Esmeralda.

If green were the eyes of the gypsy, greens are also the evenings that absinthe brings in oil and posters, a fleeting trace of the great Toulouse-Lautrec. Courtly night !.