Child Falla Na Jordana


Artist: Miguel Hernández.

Prize: 6th special section.

Cost: 22.000 Euros.

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"When we are young, the elderly tell us how we should act and that, when we are like them, we also know how we have to educate the children"

"Older people think they know everything children have to do. Unconsciously castles are built in the air, forged thread by thread by the experiences and teachings that we are acquiring."

"But these threads can bind or unleash our way of life when we grow up. Because these threads that bind us to our teachers, and at the same time these to those who went to their teachers, can hide a lot of stories."

People are united by threads that determine our relationships, connect us with people with whom we share life in a way more or less close, but linking, after all.                    

                     In the same way that we can get closer, we can also distance ourselves and even evolve with time.                     
                     We are all part of this warp, since we are born we begin the journey with that knotted thread, as we grow we mark our steps through the trail of threads and disappear leaving a trail of knots created and indelible.                     

                     The individual threads become a collective total.
                     Through Greek mythology and the legends that have referenced threads, the different use of these is related, which ends up being the reason to bind us all in a single story, 'relationships'.

long lace

If you do not want to give a good bump, the laces you have to tie.

violinist with thread

The most practical and best needles are not only for women.

tuning violin

If a good sound you want to hear, the threads will have to tune.


With threads that condition us, we build castles that imprison us.


Demons from inside the head, they escape to never return.


Demons in thought, they are a nightmare and a torment.

booty knots

The knots that we usually do, endure over time.
                     Efficient workers are the goblins of footwear.


A shoe, oh, what a dilemma !, pantone color ... cream?

The ferocious Minotaur deceived like a puppet.
                  It was Ariadna who really had the idea of escaping from there with a thread.                   Thanks to a ball of thread, Theseus of the labyrinth fled

The grim reapers the thread of life mark.


Pinocchio, wood and thread, of the puppets the champion.


Music overflows with string instruments.


All at once it sounds good.
                     The philharmonic orchestra plays a Platonic melody.

pigs running

The race of the pigs, who wins everything for him.
                    The important thing is not the goal, but to make a good group.

What dance passionates her? Do not take away the dream, be a man or be a woman.                      Sex has no color!do not let them fool you with that.


The umbilical cord is the most vital link.


This one with curly hair, plays the harp and makes a fuss.

child falla na jordana 2019

All will be connected in a single thread.