Child Falla Exposición-Mascó

"Lost steps"

Artist: Joan S Blanch.

Prize: 5th special section.

Cost: 28.500 Euros.

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"Reference and exhibition of a series of significant, anecdotal or curious events that took place in the city of Valencia from 1909 to 2019 and that some of them, with the passing of time, have been forgotten, have been lost in memory or remain unknown."

"One of them, as a starting point, is the inauguration of the Valencian Regional Exhibition of 1909. Next, the other events selected and treated in a childish and humorous way appear chronologically."

1909 Valencia Regional Exhibition Inauguration
                    To offer new glories to Spain ...                     
                     With noble lineage, Tomás Trenor wanted to inaugurate the Regional Exhibition, doing on purpose a hymn that Thous and Serrano with such a solemn act did not hesitate to create.

1917 A new station
The new station of the North by Demetrio Ribes is a work that has remained for the memory.
1928 Parrot
The Central Market is finished, there is only one element remaining, with the parrot the monument is ready.

1918 Because of a flu
Ruzafa registered a flu that devastates everything, a hundred daily deaths with funerals.
1922 What a tower!
The Post Office Palace is inaugurated after 9 years of construction, with a tower that lasts and is a source of admiration.

1948 Shopping
The Abastos market opened, with all kinds of merchandise with a good insured public.
1940 Because I say so
New Year's Eve and Carnivals, the government has banned, although as always, there is more than one daring.

1922 what is that?
For the first time in Valencia, two balloons and an airship fly over with presence as an incredible thing.
1934 The Autogyro
It is the great Juan de la Cierva, who, flying, watches Valencia.

1945 The offering
The offering of flowers to our Geperudeta is born, a very emotional act "viva la Maredeuta".
1945 Of gold..
It is a small symbol that fills a lot of pride, gold they say is made, Buñuelo with Laurel leaves.

1954 We are in fallas
First Crida from the Serranos Towers, to be exact, to say to all to a voice "Valencians, we are in fallas".
1951 ...aiiis!
Valencia hosts the First National Congress of Morality in beaches and swimming pools.
1952 contraband
The rationing is over, the end of a business for some people.
1957 1500 cubic meters per second
Great flood in Valencia that took everything with great virulence.
1960 the technological price
The razor arrives, which has come to stay, much damage has been done, because many barbershops ... have had to close.

1963 25 cents in letters and 50 in telegrams
With stamps and telegrams the PLAN SUR is financed, thanks to the initiative, the Turia is already safer.
1967 200.000
A two horses of citroen with registration number 200,000 to the hospital asylum of Nuestra Sra del Carmen ... as a gift.
1966 the best sleeping pill
The first UHF broadcasts arrive for all television stations.
1986 is ours
The Albufera is declared a natural park.

1978 yes....
The Valencians say YES to the constitution a fact that is going to be of great acceptance.
1980 what a luxury
The works begin in the old riverbed of Túria, a space for Valencians designed to walk or simply to enjoy.
1981 we have the day
On October 9 festive of the Community of Valencia. We celebrate with good reason a party of excellence.
1984 the beginning
The first of all Spain, a computer faculty sounds fantastic news, we'll see if it's emblematic.
1989 modernity
The IVAM opens with the painting exhibition and Pinazo is the figure that begins the adventure.

1987 save lives
We already have a nerve center, it is the transfusion center, a very technological space to draw blood in seconds.
1989 Channel Nine
Valencian Television was born, they called it Channel 9. In 2013 it disappeared and in 2018 A Punt starts again.
1998 of magnitude
City of Arts and Sciences, a space full of experiences, a fairly pharaonic complex, which has become somewhat hegemonic.
1999 all equals
A coin with identity was an expected fact, a highly revered symbol, the Euro in the community..

2019 amunt!
Although it may not seem like it, a century of life numbers, it is a first class team with fans and good service.