Falla Exposición-Mascó


Artist: Paco Giner.

Prize: 7th Special Section.

Cost: 105.000 Euros.

Height:15 metres.

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"In the Folly cabaret everything is possible. In it, opulence and excess are at the customer's service mr money."

"The biggest nonsense is the race that every year has to do the artist fallero, always offering more for less.
The political nonsense: English tourists do balcony jump and political leaders get into to the Stampede attraction and the 'Brexit'.
The boys of the float in the municipal cavalcade of pride caress affection everywhere, with the mayor and his famous councilors.
Valencia CF players should learn the sacrifice, overcoming and devotion of the marathon runners."

"Be clear what it means because it has no sense or sanity, in a falla that this year will seem a Folly."

"Luxury brothel in exposición, where we welcome you and despite how star she is, the worker will be fucked."

"Where a client enters to practice his dose of sadism, combining the beautiful words of the best romanticism."

"And looking around we will have Follys to give and sell, if for some thing stands out the human being who from mistakes does not want to learn."

"That is the essence of this falla, if man does the best and the worst, in the same action will lead to a frightening nonsense."

"We give you a gentle entrance to our local perversion, where you will have a pleasant experience, drink plus massage and fellatio."

"At your disposal, the young ladies to escape in privacy, and when you see the price of the complete, if it will look like a Folly."

"The madame knows them all to run the business, using seductive weapons will not have to find a partner."

"In the guild of the brothels the experience is a degree, and as she has past bad times now only manages the business."

"The clientele of these halls was powerful and gentleman, as you see there are traditions that will always be maintained."

"The monas make the spectacle and they laugh the rich, for four miserable coins this is life of the populace!."


"Making noise for the planet, gunpowder following the compass, if you see the mascletá in situ, assume that you will return."
"Reyes, Vulcano, Turís, Gironina, Tomás or Caballer, whoever shoots, burst the joy."
"The pyrotechnics are felt in the intangible heritage, a Valencian industry, which in the fiesta is essential."

Grab it Manolito


"Cats altered with exposición, as they know exactly that if there is smell of sardine and hake, is that the fish is already sold."

"Friday putilight cheaper if you are retired you have promotion: free pills with the first drink."

"With her breast screwed up he will lose his virginity, 'go and grab Manolito', his jagged yayo says."

grandfather and child with dancer

"Manolito and his yayo in the brothel want to prostitute your vote, to see if you have the noses to pardon this tender ninot."

The bike

"The bike no longer knows where to go, by the chaos in circulation, Valencia after Grezzi, has dissatisfaction even with Ribó."
"The councilor of mobility is wrong in a very crazy maneuver, while driving on the bike lane, the folly will cost you a fine."


"Cameron has made a decision and taking advantage of his state is launched from the European balcony when he sees all this crap."

"Merkel encourages brexit, but with the German nasty character watch his launch, wishing he bumps."

"Passing from this eurobalconing are quiet of any wrong the family of Swiss ducks, advantage of being a tax haven."


"Waste for the Spaniards, clarifying the panorama since joining the Union, has touched us a euro-drama."

"Although it is in politics where he has the true vocation, if Rajoy collects shit, he will be sweeper by obligation."

"We have a proud American bitch as she alone, but if a Chinese dog empitates her, temper tantrums."

"Dogs of the world economy, the Us put the ass in pomp for the emerging Chinese power, that envelops a good horn."

Young girl falls off the balcony

"The strongest European smash this unfortunate sticks, expensive price that has to pay for being born Greek."

Fallas mountain

"Problems of a poorly traded guild, where you always have to pay attention, or when less are expected, will pass through the scythe of Montoro."

"Ups and downs for the fallas artists, arrive at the top of the office and suddenly the reality awaits them, to fall to the bottom of the precipice."

falla Exposición-Mascó 2017

Shoot it

"The two separate Spains are gangsters fighting for reason, they rally each Folly, nobdy will find the solution."

"They have the finger drawn on the trigger, they would not hesitate to shoot themselves, an historical hatred of one another, not wanting to reconcile."

The bads

"As the falla os about Follys, this barbarity is very great, you will recognize the four faces, that are on the float."

"How the world would have changed, sure the story would be cooler, if all these dictators were queens of gay pride."


"If Franco came out of the closet, he would grab any boy, and pointing him with his cannon, the reservoir will be inaugurated."

"A great and free Spain, with Francoist restrictions, by divine grace, hail the regime of the 'Phallongists'."

bin laden, hitler, stalin

"As the rise of gas does not income to have concentration camps, then Hitler will gather the Jews in the dark room for the rub"

"Hitler pursues a goal, make a concentration camp to create the perfect race, Chuecochswitz a good choice."

"For the Führer the perfect man was blond, tall and with blue eyes, that's why the sausage was infalated when he conquered Scandinavians."

"Stalin will force the communists in a hermetic dictatorship, that in the saunas of siberia gay, the great Soviet Union becomes."

"Confess the Soviet leader who is pussy enemy, look for a dedicated communist to offer him the Russian salad."

valencia cf

Vcf Running

"The love between Valencianistas and Lay Hoon has many deficiencies, if they made races in the river, they would reduce their differences."

"Running in this city is practiced as a devotion, if they do with football the same, we will become a champion club again."

"Peter has made a mistake in business, with the success of each race, if he invests money in runners he would have the most up-front squad."