Child Falla Exposición-Mascó

"Orchard calendar"

Artist: Cap de suro.

Prize: 8th special section and 1st talent and grace.

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"Horta is a happy girl who gJanuaryusly gives us in the form fruit or vegetable the best she has inside it."

"She is unique and special and that's why we have to love her and take care of her, because she brings us the best so that we enjoy what she gives us.
Horta is from here, from our beloved Valencian region."

"While the harvest helps me to collect, typical sayings of the garden i will recite."

"Spring:For the assumption, a heap of cherries."

"Summer: In San Juan green or mature figs but safe."

"Summer: In August, figs and grape-juice."


"Cherries. Harvest: April/July. Eating them to reduce the risk of diabetes."


"Figs. Harvest: June/October. Very delicate and sweet fruit."


"Tomato. Sowing time: March. Harvest: 3 months. The best tomato, from Perelló."

"Winter: Sowing chards in the beginning of March and in Christmas you will still eat."

"Summer: In June the sickle to the fist."


"Letucce. Sowing time: All year. Harvest: 2/4 months. It is diuretic and helps to lower cholesterol."

"Artichoke. Sowing time: July/August. Harvest: 4 months. "

"Lombardy. Sowing time: May/August. Harvest: 5/6 months. It is good for eyesight and has a very attractive color."

"Broccoli. Sowing time: May/August. Harvest: 5/6 months. Anticancer."

"Chards. Sowing time: March/December. Harvest: 2 months. The rice with chard is a very typical dish of Valencia."

"Cauliflower. Sowing time: All year. Harvest: 5/6 months. Protects the heart."

Pea, pumpkin and aubergine

"Peas. Sowing time: October/December. Harvest: 3 months. It keep us youngs."

"Aubergine. Sowing time: February/March. Harvest: 3 months. Recommended for diabetics."

"pumpkin. Sowing time: March/April/May. Harvest: 4 months. In valencia desserts is very common."

"Autumm:In November, who has not planted, not to plant."

"Spring: If you want to have good chickpeas, by May you have to sow."

Melon, watermelon and peppers

"Melon. Sowing time: April/May. Harvest: 3 months. Very refreshing."

"Watermelon. Sowing time: April/May. Harvest: 3 months. Typical of summer."

"Sweet pepper. Sowing time: January/May. Harvest: 5 months. Roast is very typical in our 'esgarrat'."

"Pepper. Sowing time: April/June. Harvest: 4 months. Perfect to give a spicy touch to your dishes."

"Courgette. Sowing time: March/September. Harvest: 3 months."


"The orchard is life! It's unique, it's yours, take care of it!."

"Orchard and city. Think of a city with sustainable growth to make coexistence with orchar more feasible."

Bean and strawberry

"Bean. Sowing time: April/July. Harvest: 3 months. Basic ingredient of our most international dish."

"Strawberry. Sowing time: May/October. Harvest: 1 month. Protects teeth against decay."

"Autumm: In September whoever has seed, let him sow."

"Spring: When in April thunders, the harvest is good."


"Turnip. Sowing time: March/October. Harvest: 2 months. Great on rice with beans and turnips."

"Winter: For Christmas, garlic in the terrace."


"Garlic. Sowing time: October/March. Harvest: 4/5 months. With olive oil and garlic we will enjoy the ajoaceite."

Scarecrow and potatos

"Potato. Sowing time: March. Harvest: 3 months. Essential source of fuel and energy."


"Asparagus. Sowing time: Spring/Summer. Harvest: 4 years. After the plant can produce for about ten more years."

Sweeet potato

"Sweeet potato. Sowing time: February/April. Harvest: 5 months. The sweet potato cakes are a very typical Valencian sweet."

Tiger nut, mushroom

"Tiger nut. Sowing time: All year. Harvest: 3/4 months. With the juice of the tiger nut we made our most international drink, the horchata."

"Mushroom. Sowing time: All year. Harvest: 2 months. The cultivation takes place in dark places (caves, cellars, etc.)"

"Fertiliser. In addition to providing nutrients, the fertilizer makes the lives of microorganisms that promote fertility of the soil."

Beet, Onion

"Beet. Sowing time: All year. Harvest: 3/4 months. Necessary for good hair, nails and skin health."

"Onion. Sowing time: January/February. Harvest: 7 months. It is very useful in processes such as colds and other respiratory conditions."

"Autumm: If October is cold, the bug dies."

"Spring: May humid makes the farmer rich."


"Carrot. Sowing time: All year. Harvest: 3 months. They help our body to tan in a natural and healthy way."


"Apple. Harvest: July/February. The forbidden fruit is a classic of the home fruit bowl."


"Kaki Persimon. Harvest: September/January. Denomination of Origin: Ribera del Júcar."

"Autumm: At the end of November, you will always harvest olive."

Olive, Chestnuts, Nuts

"Nuts. Harvest: September. Buenísimas para la memoria."

"Chestnuts. Harvest: October. Go down the street with cold and find a roasted chestnuts stall."

"Olive. Harvest: November. Olive oil, the best oil and the healthiest."

Pomegranate, Lemon, Orange

"Pomegranate. Harvest: August/November. Improves memory and physical performance."

"Lemon. Harvest: October/June. A citrus that is never missing in our kitchen."

"Orange. Harvest: October/March. Source of vitamin C that prevents colds."

Pear, Apricot, Peach

"Pear. Harvest: June/December. There are pears like the long-lasting conference and other varieties that are unique to the months of Summer."

"Peach. Harvest: April/October. Source of iron."

"Apricot. Harvest: April/September. In jelly is great."