Falla Regne Valencia


Artist: Sergio Musoles.

Prize: 7th Special Section.

Cost: 126.000 Euros.

Height: 13 metres.

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"Evil lives in the world and makes us worse."

"Evil is present in everyday life: on the street, in homes, in the news ... The antidote is hope."

falla Regne Valencia 2021

When he was making the world, while God tired, was sleeping, the devil in a second ... made it crazy! The world in society is a great accumulation of evil.

falla Regne Valencia 2021

You see Lucrecia's lover passed out by a poison that the boy has been tasting when he thinks it was wine .. therefore, in order not to die .. you have to have a palate !.

falla Regne Valencia 2021

For the fame of being curious, from a box that she opened, Pandora released all the evil that arose into the world. The seven sins came out quite bastards and grumpy.

pedro sanchez

The story is over 'Badly' Is the girl bad out of lethal curiosity? If she had been quiet ... the world would not be screwed up!
As Moncloa's stepmother, from a government makes Snow White, Pedro Sánchez cooks the ministers on a barbecue, the thing is not a joke because for everyone she has an apple!

chicho ibañez

Stories to not sleep Chicho Ibañez Serrador, that beloved master, wants to show us a terror that has come from Italy. Today the bike scares us only because of Grezzi, the councilor.
Grezzi, you watch here as he breathlessly searches for the millions, four counting, from the EMT scam.

falla Regne Valencia 2021

Bad sleep It was in March that moment of a crisis without equal: the confinement arrived ... and the national dismay! Confinement dictated to us, in prime time by the president!
Walking the dog the glory, in the street just to buy; zoom in, the escape; the obsession, cook bread !.


The story is over 'Badly' Cinderella are the fallas in a cycle without burning, destined to be left to dust and shavings of a crisis to close.
But in the middle of that fable, overthrown by suffering, a word was said and the fairy Taula arrived.

falla Regne Valencia 2021

This palatine rat that secretly conspires, poisons her husbands ... Lucrecia has been blamed!


The story is over 'Badly' Ayuso is the monarch who governs the right today. And in Madrid, when they made a mark, Pablemos, the hierarch cut his ponytail!
As Isabelita dreamed of the garden, because of what was voted, the voxemite green bush and an 'orange' that irritates her ... blue they have painted it!

falla Regne Valencia 2021

Bad milk Bad milk gives Isabel, the sovereign, all for Harry, and the American daughter-in-law.
Carlos lives tormented as a palace dog, because the throne has not inherited it

falla Regne Valencia 2021

Everyday evils This world only brings misfortunes, Maria has a shame, she has hardships, she has fallacies .. she has the tax agency !.
The depressed autonomous, the Erte as a curse, starry price light, justice ... for no reason!

falla Regne Valencia 2021

The dead sea The sea and the environment are dying due to a climate change that turns cold into heat .. making the aquatic soup boil !.
In the raw and saline sea, plastic garbage is invading and new marine fauna, as you can see ... has been emerging.

falla Regne Valencia 2021

Bad habits At the dinner table, this custom of playing and chirping has been established ... and the phone is fuming !.
He lives attached to whatsapp, he has a bad brawl on twitter, they do tinder, you show your ass here 'cool'.