Falla Sueca-Azorín

"Parallel universes"

Artist: Vicente Llácer.

Prize: 6th Special Section.

Cost: 115.000 Euros.

Height:18 metres.

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"A prehistoric man has been abducted by aliens of different species who are taking a selfie w

"The human being is immersed in a vertiginous technological evolution that does not correspond with the slow biological evolution that nature imposes on us and this mismatch is idiotizing us. "

"Monsters of other planets, or from this one. We ourselves, but lets see who is more extravagant and distant. Everyone in their technological world, united only with a selfie.
Each in its parallel universe. Knowing so much that we know nothing, in an increasingly technological world and in an increasingly prehistoric humanity."

"Above the flying saucer all kinds of creatures found, posing for a photo, of glamorous and supreme style."

"All of different galaxies, with a very varied aspect, take their selfie, with homo sapiens stunned."

"The jump in time."

"New views are found, all modern and even a 'Parotet', leaving the towers or the Micalet to forget."

valencia of the future

"The potter. Here we have Pepico the potter, who comes to Valencia disoriented, because it is unrecognizable, as it was in the recent past."

"2018: a cyberspace odyssey."

"The companies control us, like robotized subjects, they are like a contemporary god, who has us all enslaved."

"We are all half dumb and hypnotized by mobile, worse than in prehistory, and our ancestors."

monkeys with mobile

"The monkey 'smart'. As in 2001, an odyssey, a strange monolith we have found, that has the monkeys crazy, with aroused knowledge."

"Size does not matter."

"To see who has it bigger, they make a private contest, and when someone gets upset, we will all go to hell."

trump and kim with missiles

"The last mascletá. Up in the missile threatening, like a huge gorilla, here we have 'Kim Jong', as if he were an animal."


"Put longer, Trump the president, to a very upset world, which is already quite hot."


"A clueless that does not appear in the photo. This strange creature has only one wish, that there is finally peace."

"The Holy Inquisition. Here we have an auto de fe, with the wizard perched, that if it were for the inquisition, it would be like the falla burnt".

"It is a very special pyre, in the form of municipal Falla, the alderman is placed, condemned by the court".

In a fight of regidores, Fuset is catched by warlock, and Crespo the inquisitor of the party of the seagull."

"Felix Crespo twitches, and as if he were Torquemada, he screams to the fire with him!."

back of falla

"So much civilization has advanced that we are at the peak of evolution, and we have everything so disastrous that we can not find a solution".

City of running and pooping."

"Running.. or frogging. Junping go the runners, among cars, obstacles, passers-by, dog shits, containers and a thousand bollards dodging".

frogs running

As if they were frogs, they run down the river, making their legs strong and their motor apparatus."

frogs running

"Also the daily race turns into a catwalk, wearing outfits that are worth an egg while they are stinging.".

"To his luxurious luggage, the labels have left, making others envious, showing what it has cost him."

"Cycling ring?".

"Going by bike is a pleasure and for the city to walk, but with pollution, you can surely drown."

"The potholes have to be watched and the saddle does not lose sight of, or you can quite irritate, the 'ring' .. of the cyclist."

"Traffic ordination. The traffic in Valencia is a badly told joke, which makes everyone, annoyed and pissed off."


"Here at the roundabout all turning, as if it were a carousel, spinning around, with a cruel martyrdom."

"The teletubbies".

"The Tele Tubbies. As if it were a game, focused on the world of children, they make their own personal show, personal style."

"They do not look for the people, who are their electorate, they only look for themselves, and to have the relative placed."

"They all play with in yo-yo, continuously without rest, watching their convenience, and forgetting the voters."