Child Falla Gozalbo-Altea

"Look inside"

Artist: Iván Tortajada.

Prize: 1st special section and 1st talent and grace.

Cost: 25.000 Euros.

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"It's about explaining you have to look beyond the surface and prejudices, as well as discover curious things that are hidden from view."

"A female figure looks deep into her heart that is the most important thing. Around her many situations develop what is really important is not visible in the eyes.

                           As beauty and the beast remind us, beauty is inside. Jules Verne imagined how a 'trip to the center of the earth' would be like before he knew how our planet was made. As nature tells us: the pearls inside the shells, the strength, energy and heat of the volcano lava. "

inside the heart

"Look inside the heart."

volcano and earthquake

"The forces of the planet are inside. Volcano, earthquake."

"The treasure is hidden inside."

"Look underground".

Carrot, onion, potato

"Carrot, onion, potato."


"Ostrich. When it is afraid it hides its head underground."


"Inside the tiger nut is the horchata."

julio verne

"Julio Verne. 'Journey to the Center of the Earth'. He looked inside and reached the center of the earth."

little prince

"The essential is invisible to the eyes. The little Prince."

reading books

"Open the book, the important thing is inside."


"In books and in people the important thing is not the cover but what is inside."

"Beauty is inside. Beauty and the Beast."

"Everything depends on the glass with which you look."

life in pink

"See life in pink."

"The glasses of happiness. To see well sometimes you need glasses."

Sight glasses

"Sight glasses."

genius with glasses

"What is inside the lamp?. A genius"

"The 3d glasses. Sunglasses"


"Never lock yourself inside a cage. Live!."

fallas artist

"What is inside a falla?. Wood."


"What is inside the pyrotechnics?. Gunpowder."


"What is inside the city?."


"Nature keeps the most precious inside."


"What is inside a kangaroo?. More kangaroos."

"Battle of Flowers. Being in the spotlight. Carla has Rubén in the spotlight."


"¿What is inside the moma?. A man, the medieval tradition did not let women participate."


"What is inside the human body?"

looking inside

"What is inside the matter?. Atom, proton, electron."


"Do not be fooled by appearances. That's why, look inside."


"What is inside a pregnant?. Baby."


"What's inside a burrow?. My home"