Child Falla Gaeta-Farnals

"Children of the moon"

Artist: Julio Monterrubio.

Prize: 3rd Special Section and 2nd of talent and grace.

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"The magic of the Moon has influenced man and Earth since the beginning of time.
Although its real size is not very large, when one night we observe its radiance, it gives the feeling of being the mother of heaven; mother of planets and stars that swirl around her. "

"Therefore, everything we see drawn on the carpet at night seems to be 'Children of the moon'. They are all those stars and celestial bodies that like little lights hanging in the sky, illuminate not only the sky, but also our life and our dreams".

"Children of the moon is the motto chosen for this sidereal trip, and it is the storyline that the artist has decided in this exceptional year."

"And the sun, which is the call of the morning, with the saragüell we find him dressed, and with the torch of light, decided, he announces for the whole world, that thanks to him life makes sense."

"To illuminate the fallera party, the moon is dressed as a gardener, and since she is of universeof the sovereign , it is not for her any chimera, to light the Valencian night sky."

"Through the infinite cosmos we find the maternal moon, which swing the lights as it should, and the sun, as he is her favorite, offers him a special affection."

"Space 112 emergencies try to heal the earth of its ills."

saving the earth

"Captain Ozone has the hooded cloak, because the damn co2 has eaten it."

dangerous co2

"These co2 particles have a scandalous appetite!."

aliens healing the earth

"The alien asks worried; there will be intelligent life here, won't be?."

"The three wise men."

king Baltasar on a camel

"The camel of Baltasar is very stubborn, and the star does not want to follow, the disvelieber!."

king Baltasar

"The essence of myrrh the mouse loves."

king Gaspar

"With the incense of Gaspar, this little mouse takes the opportunity to perfume the way."

"With the incense that Gaspar carries, all the way has to be perfumed."

king Melchor

"Melchor has a chest with gold, his gift is a great treasure."

"This little mouse is so smart, it has a golden metal tooth."

eastern star

"The Eastern Star: GPS is a great invention, to guide the Kings of the East."

"The black hole sows terror because everything eats it without fear. "
"Celestial bodies and space matter are an exceptional delicacy !."
"With a knife and fork ready, he has the three stars afraid."

black hole and stars

"The three Marys is the place of the firmament where Osiris rests eternally."

supernova star

"The supernova star: With all the charm and sensuality. the Super Nova shines with intensity."

Northern Lights

"With a thousand colors and a sensational movement we find the phenomenon of the aurora borealis."

"The shooting star: Spectacular, fast and running a lot; as the shooting star; It's Usain Bolt.".


"The city of running is Valencia, you can run a lot or go with patience."

the star of the dawn

"The star of the dawn: It is not necessary to be so loud and early, the star tells the crier rooster."


"Lunar eclipse: The sun and the moon in love, during the eclipse kisses."

"Rain of stars: Under a protected umbrella, the wandering star walks life".

looking through the telescope

"With the telescope prepared to the Perseids has observed".

boy falls

"Rain of stars: You do not need any instrument, to see the stars in a moment."

"Stellar party: Some dance tango or hip-hop and others like the pop star ".
                    "Never stops dancing in this stellar party."

"Space debris: The astronaut on space mission collects the poop of his animal".
                    "The astronaut dog in a moment, in the space has left his 'gift'."

chef with cake

"Michelin Stars: To celebrate the 50th anniversary this culinary expert has come. "
                        "Since he has three michelin stars, his pie will be worth twenty!".

polar star

"The polar star with a lot of love we found it caring for the lesser Bear".

polar star

"Polar Star: is slowly melting because of warming".

"There is always some, in this case, the meteorites, that to annoy are willing, waiting for the right moment, to make good crunches."

"And forming a large belt of angry asteroids, through space are prepared. We'll see if the occasion comes and they end up all charred!."