Falla Exposición-Mascó

"Yes, I want"

Artist: Paco Giner.

Prize: 9th Special Section.

Cost: 120.000 Euros.

Height:15 metres.

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"The moments that give us the Yes, I want."

Wedding of the highest level, good and exquisite appetizers. And suddenly, the most magical moment of any marriage bond. The beautiful bride throws the most awaited gift for any guest who boasts a good stroke of luck, and if she is single more, the bridal bouquet.
                            Meanwhile, the guests are amazed in horror at what their eyes see.
                             In the other moments that leave us the 'Yes I want' we enjoy the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Next will come the honeymoon and their first crisis.
                             The bridal cake and the children enjoying and making bitter the wedding. All for a 'Yes I want' very well or badly carried

"To marry is very dangerous for the body and health, which apart from being expensive you are already one, you are two. Because when you set the wedding, you think of the guests, that in the bank they are portrayed and the banquet in the fashionable place.
It will have to control all the details and friends, because we will not get rich, but we are in love."

"The bride is happy throwing the bouquet in the air, because at night she will try a big bird."

"The ladies go for the bouquet with blows and bunches, they will ruthlessly fight, it seems that it is 'Game of Thrones'."

"And while the mistress takes note, she is looking to search, to be able to criticize in the neighborhood"

"The mother-in-law who looks at the fiance, with her nose half twisted, the daughter has warned that marriage is all lies."

"The fiance is the companion who at the wedding does not paint anything, it is just an ornament that is even bothering."

"The father-in-law does not stand up the whole wedding has paid, and taking advantage of it he has get drunk as a gentleman."

"In the treat the waiter will bear the guests demanding rude, and he is silent, what can he do?."

"The waiter is fed up with the most awakened guests, who steal the cutlery as soon as he is not watching."

"This retro wedding is not lost even by this dog, who smells suspiciously if he pisses or makes a poop."

bride getting ready

"The grandmother to her granddaughter on her side sees flying, the girl who raised a woman is already made."

"The girl is happy with everything about marriage, but time flies by, tomorrow she will be a woman."

"The young woman who is going to get married has the lost look of the memories she is silent. What is she going to find?."

wedding pie

"The fiance is happy if the bride is happy, and when she becomes a relative her torment will begin."

"You can not be more sincere, you get married warned, what the proverb says, you've married and screwed up!."

"If one day you want to make love, go up to the washing machine, put the strongest program, which is the centrifuge."

"The godfather will look for her very fine, pretty and pink, that married will become uglier, filthy and fat."


"Contracted are the children that the arras will carry and the Merchandising will carry an ETT with the gifts."

"So expensive weddings are so much that you have to hire, they want to 'nail', that they live half the world."

"At the wedding many people as a present, the cover has to be paid by putting it in the current account."

"The wedding is a business from which none escapes, gifts, the garter belt, the tie or the menu."

"The estripper says that that he does not go down, that the women are brave and they are letting go of the girdle, because they look very hot"

"The single woman will look tempered and hardworking, and afterget married will become fatter, dog and snorer."

"That grandma will look for the biggest size that the desire does not go away."

"If you like to play sports in bed with your partner, I hope you have luck, the consequence is her."

"In the bachelor party everyone has a great time, thinking it can be a feast, because the only sex will be 'the oral'."