Child Falla Convento Jerusalén

"Day to day"

Artist: Jose Gallego.

Prize: 2nd special section.

Cost: 34.000 Euros.

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"Each day has a cause associated, as established by the UN with a series of world and international days for all tastes."

"For example: International Book Day, World Savings Day, World Smile Day or International Day of Peace."

"WINTER: (December 21 to March 21). In winter fog and snow by neighbor.
                  The Valencian winter is very mild and it is time to prepare the fallas, time to fill the casals and listen to stories by the fire."

"CRONOS is an old grandfather lord of keeping the times and takes care of all the watches while everything goes by.
                   He is the lord of the passing of the hours, of the days and of the months also and counts the years of the anniversary that in the falla we celebrate.
                   One hundred and twenty-five years ago we planted the first falla in this privileged corner of the Valencian capital."

women and zombi

"March 8th International Women's Day."

"February 4. Zombie pride day."

father with baby in arms

"March 19. Father's day."


"January 19th World Snow Day."


"March 17th World day of sleep."


"Day 11 of February. World Day of the sick."


"March 22nd International Water Day


"March 23rd International Day of Meteorology."

"SPRING: (from March 21 to June 21). Spring alters blood."

"In spring, almost all flowers bloom and it is the time chosen for many celebrations."


"April 12th International day of manned space flights."

"May 2 Day International day of the fight against bulling."

boy reading

"April 23rd International Day of Books and Copyright."

girl reading

"April 2. International Children's Book Day."


"April 29th International Dance Day."


"April 13th International Kiss Day."

boy working

"June 12th International day against child labor."

worker and nurse

"June 14th World Blood Donor Day."

"May 1st International workers' day."

"SUMMER: (from June 21 to September 21). Who speaks badly of summer, does not know what is said."

"In summer every day you can eat sweets and from school you can forget, for being the time to rest."


"June 26th Day of the grandparents."


"June 30th International friendship day."


"June 28th. World tree day."

"Day 18 of August. International day of Diagram."


"June 21st International yoga day."

"September 16th International day of the prevention of the ozone layer."


"June 25th Day of the people of the sea."

esating ice creams

"September 26th European Day of Languages."

"AUTUMN: (from September 21 to December 21). The murga and the níscalo are autumn mushrooms."

"In autumn the day is shortened and the classes have to go back and notice that the cold is coming back, long sleeves you have to wear."


"October 2. International day of nonviolence."

child with piggy bank

"October 31st World saving day."


"October 6th World Smile Day."


"October 11th International Children's Day."

"November 20. Universal Children's Day."


"February 30th Non-existent day."


"December 3rd International day of persons with disabilities."


"December 10th International day of the animals."