Falla Cadarso Altea

"In search of the Dorado"

Artist: Manuel Algarra.

Prize: 8th Special Section.

Cost: 104.000 Euros.

Height:15 metres.

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"Gold has always had an immense attraction, the one that owns it as well as wealth gives it the most important, power."

"The ambition to obtain this precious metal has done the unimaginable, only with the promise based on legends of the Native Americans, that there were great treasures or cities of gold, it was enough to embark to cross the seas to enter unknown lands, unexplored until so.

To the point of obsession, exploring again and again, with expeditions that always failed, one after the other, and that we are still trying.                            We all have our Dorado that we desperately seek, even though it is a utopia, because of the need to improve our existence based on wealth, position, and above all, on power."

"El Dorado is the greed, of non-existent chimera that madly blind people of ambition. It's like water sifting through taking advantage of the other."


"Women achieve their rights because of their validity and not for those who underestimate them with specific stereotypes."

"Woman and above all person, each one is as she wants to be and free to choose what to do, without orders of any shrill."

Indian children and conqueror

"Collect those golden hearts Montoro that protects us, in exchange for trifle and forgotten taxes".

Indian children

"The Valencian natives, noble, rich, workers, offer their treasures to all Spain at two hands".

"El Dorado of the children and source of their fantasies with which the days are happy, are undoubtedly the toys."

"That's why here the little one, at night that has get up to find where his father hidden his rattle."

pardoned ninot

Pardoned ninot.

"Of a Maduro flattered by those who have fawn him, his treasure for pigheaded, he will lose splurged."

"He has shown himself satisfied with them, Maduro, king of the caciques, to whom the friends fill their ego, supporting him in what he has done."

"Persistent in beating, receives from Iglesias a hammer, the other Pablo gives him the sickle to cut."

"Podemitas well paid that turn towards Spain, with money that no one is surprised to keep hidden."

"Will offer a sacrifice Fuset that does not know how to stand still nagging the falleros by vice."

"Ay! Fuset no matter how much you scream, today for the first time, you will not get rid of the pin of a pair of banderillas."

"Lay Fuset the President, on the heads cutted by him and also self-immolated, but now is the time for him."

"The shaman Hernandez Motes on the altar of the Presidents, sacrifices the leaders of the falleros."

"Cut corruption is brave chimera, suffering in some way a curse."

"Round the death by the courts, between judges and prosecutors, dead some not normal even of some defendants."

"The religious Junqueras by faith and with devotion enters submissive in prison, Spanish of Estremeras!"

"They are messiahs of a company, the Catalan Nation, and act as they please, looking for the Promised Land."

"The Puigdemont flees from the world before it can be lashed and in Belgium it seeks shelter, organizing its front"

"They promoted disorders those Jordis posing cool, manipulating, today in prison for bravado."

"In order to comply with the parity, there is Forcadell with them, now she puts aside to save the skin."