Falla Regne Valencia

"Let's make history. #buscantfalla"

Artist: Sergio Musoles.

Prize: 8th Special Section and 2nd for talent and grace

Cost: 86.000 Euros.

Height:16 metres.

Click this link to see Video of falla Regne Valencia

"The experiment CronoFalles sends a fallero the past. This prepares to travel back in time and return to the origins of the city of Valencia."

"In a device made with pieces of the history of Valencia and with one of the gargoyles of the Reino bridge as a time machine, begins his journey, leaving a mysterious message on twitter. I'm traveling #Buscantfalla."

Mission: Traveling to the past #BuscandoFalla. Search for the board and people for the falla of Reino

The ship: Gargoyle. A wit made to travel through time and go visit other monuments in the history of Valencia.

The experiment: Send a fallero to the past, seek a falla commission formed by characters in the history of the Kingdom of Valencia.

The silk road

"On The Silk Road there is a merchant who manages the currency, called Lim and footbal fan."

"He takes in the car 'much fabric' and a few silk 'cocoons' a 'mister' by which distrusts and socially few entanglements."

"Too thin is spinning and has 'fabric' the big picture, because for now is twisting their, and I think it's a drama."

Prehistoric Valencia

"Prehistoric has devised with stones and clay with a 'Fallon' that has been planted, I see that shaped 'wiener'."

"Will be the sleeping beauty artist since to the 'tombe' (way of planting failures) has already planted and see that monument, without crane has risen!."

"The other does despertá as the CRE (authorization) need not, and will in the head will release a stone to the one who dozes."

Jose Acosta

"The market, which is medieval, has, you see, a dependent who is referential fallero and vice president this year".

"Of celebrations is a technical and artisan preparing look like that pyrotechnic Our macrodespertá!".

"Jose Acosta,is no joke, speak another Valencian, he utters and reasoning, which was invented in a meeting!".

Joan Ribó

"Joan Ribó,mayor, is El Cid in this falla and with his gentle pose a sing here cuts."

"Big mistakes happened since he was mayor, others have caused, within and know the day to day."

"A great one was, when suddenly on the balcony, the three wisewomen of January, received carefully."

"Jaime I conquering king, president of the chronofalla. Here's Jaime finishing off the monument, and now we have made faller, just wants to be president!."

"Tita hysterical, Roman patrician, delegate of the cronofalla children. hysterical Tita, Roman, has very hostile ways with the position she demands: children delegate!."

"Al-Russafi, poet and cook of cronofalla. Al-Russafi was a poet noble and very sincere man. Now he wants to be, and concrete, a good cook."

Al Russafi

Al Russafi.

Tita hysterical

Tita hysterical.

Jaime I

Jaime I

Rita Barberá

Lost in limbo.
"In the temporary limbo as aforada queen, municipal rita, is well established."

"What a blow has stuck, a complete disaster, and unfortunately she has fallen, especially by the 'caloret'."

"Beside her abandoned, others live very marginalized condemnation as beings that roam here together in grief."

ausias 'marx'

"Ausias 'Marx': poet ... poet of libretto of the chrono fails. Ausias March BY conviction, being credited poet, today will explain in well written script."

inquisitor and tortured

Valencia inquisitin.

"The scene may seem strong, but you see that is descriptive, because the girl suffers questing court fever."

"To take a chignon refuses, that chignons not be censored, and to the inquisitor asks, avoid this torture."


"Here's as a tourist the Unesco expert, a noted specialist, but in fallas a little green!.

"'The tourist Tejero' is who explains our party but resulting thick, while the sleep bothers him!.

"Together they want to live the dream of being well known and winning heritage .. falleros are the best!.

Dj pere Fuset

"Here you have to Pere Fuset, alderman of the parties, within the theme ... I do not believe you ."

"Verbena much like him, in short, but wants to cut, Ruzafa and lights!."

"The party has salvation, since we survived PP, and if we reflect, we will survive to Fuset!"

Valencia Edetanorum

"From Italy we get Crezzi, the new 'solicitor' carrying a craving abusive, and bike driver."

"Limit to 30 in the center, everything wants to turn pedestrian only, and in the bus rail, bad belly, if he sees you park!."

"In the circus of Compromís, animals are not allowed and incidentally, to be precise, nor Christians are allowed!."

valencia 2016

Valencia 2016.
"Regid'or Prizes. UNESCO is the convener on our monument, in a crazy way, to do an experiment here."