Falla Pilar


Artist: Pere Baenas.

Prize: 6th Special Section.

Cost: 170.500 Euros.

Height:18 metres.

Click this link to see Video of falla Pza del Pilar

"In the last decades of the twentieth century, the Perestroika marked the renewal, transformation and annihilation of the Soviet communist system."

"TSarina's daughter is in love with a Cossack, but he is actually trying to sell the bear's skin before the hunt."

"From Russia with Love, perestroika has come, a sign that everything has changed, no one knows if for best."

"A commoner princess snuck in court, now has come to be queen and to be queen she prides herself."

"The crisis does not usually affect a privileged class, who live well off without any difficulty pass."

"Sanchez swallows Rivera, Rajoy does not want to enter, Iglesias is left alone and the government does not thrive."

"Depending on how may combine to form a government, you can mount a hell if matroskas do not rhyme."

"It's like the fable of the fox, which courted a rabbit to see if he ate feigning a devout love."

"The Cossack people wants to seduce the power to rule, it seems that he wants to deceive, to institute a new court."

Co-Rus-sió (Corruption) with the gag law in hand three Russian soldiers give a kick to justice.

"Dance of Corruption is nowaday the most popular, often kicking the repression Cossack dance."

"No dancing Rus is not Russian, because he is counting cash, two million, making use of his position."

"If you protest the labor reform will apply the gag law, for corrupts, steal little or a lot, kicks tend not to hurt them."

"He has sold the bear's skin before hunting the beast; the Cossack despairs and the body fills with vodka."

"Students take Transi-Mariano to find work abroad."

"Master's, degrees, languages, very prepared students are expelled from Spain all loaded with diplomas."

"Transi-Mariano mounted toward a dark destiny, seeking to resolve their future, peacefully youth travel."

"Baldoví has a compromise, Tarda says he doesn't leave, Blasco who will think, and government this way does not work."

students in train


Rita Barberá

Rita Barberá

Joan Ribó

Joan Ribó


Tetris: Ximo Puig and Mónica Oltra trying to fit the pieces of the budget of the Generalitat.

"From Russia Tetris comes and will be mounted in Valencia; or that the government wants to try, if they can get good parts."


Hot-dog likes pa-rus (russian bread).

"Sausage and russian (Rus) bread arrive to Valencia, eat it and you get to count two million in each use."

"Rasputin has a sausage of abnormal size, Tsarina, of this material with Russian bread becomes infatuated."

family of athletes

"They are champions families which, with retired pay, throughout the crisis have endured in precarious conditions".


"Does not want the old tsarina, that people get in the court, if it comes to fruition she will get angry."

"The real world enters the Congress and the breed do not like, loose against them stupid things, call them lice and more."

roller coaster

"The roller coaster (russian mountain): the world economy fluctuates rapidly and is about to crash."

"Adventurous family will crash, and also can not lose from an attraction that gives the shits."

fight with icecreams

"Madrid gets cool and everything says no and that's it, frozen Catalan stays who want to separate, by 'handsome'."

"The Russians and the Americans had a cold war; a cold conflict entangles Spanish and Catalan."