Falla Mercado Central

"On the run"

Artist: Vicente Martinez.

Prize: 5th Special Section and 3rd of talent and grace.

Cost: 87.000 Euros.

Height:15 metres.

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"Here nobody is waiting for you as all go to on the run."


"The falla we're done working until the early hours a week, and working with courage and heedless of time, we have planted.. On the run"

"She always triumphs in Ascot because the wallet inflates, she 'Miss Rabosa (fox)' fresh as a rose, she is always On the run (.. as I was saying of rabosa, she is always more than loving).

"This driver buster, have forbidden to pass of thirty and that he despairs, but has been brought a EMT bus driver's license, and now he goes On the run (as the rally is deprecated now only runs the bus).

"Wheel of wheelies, where riders go up so very pleasant, but when it starts to spin there everybody wants to win, because they are .. On the run"

"Race of Queens."

Belén Esteban and Karmele

Belén Esteban. "It's a little fishwife because everyone has fought and has been nominated shouting the princess .. of workers."

Karmele. "Shrieking going really stressed this queen of the TV, the more it seems that Karmele, wants to end ... starry."

man on horse

"For her refined manners and speak Valencian, sure soon to be Queen of the Floral Games."

queen elisabeth and prince charles.

"She will win in the race as she is the hardest and as she is not sulfided, his son .. despairs."

"As he can not find the occasion, time is passingby and boring, he can only plays yo-yo."

woman on horse

"She even makes good soup and is Queen of 'couche', but only makes you 'touche' if in the bank you have good balance."

Rita falling

Popular race. Rita Barberá. "She always drive on the right side, but has not reached the goal only by a pure ... commitment (compromís). As the car has stamped and can not be repaired, they take the opportunity parking her in the Senate."

Artur Mas

Artur Mas. "Spain has emptied the bassinet robbing them everything, but if there is money left, is sure to steal them ... Mas.
They are on the run fleeing frightened by 'the process' and are light weight, especially in the wallet."

fairy tale characters

Tale race.

chess pieces

Carrera artística. "De esta manera singular se quiere inmortalizar, haciéndose un selfie con el palo... de la escoba. Él el negocio ha heredado de la empresa familiar, por eso no quiere mirar ni a hermanos.. ni cuñados."

Urgandarín. "He is a energetic stallion always has a good job, and not talking horse, but the donkey.
They are hiding the two, it turns out that they have caught them, and still wonder ... Nooos?."

Race of .. San Jerónimo.

"This bike has no discussions because the boss is always her and making ET in the basket, Clap .. occurrences. But the poor is thundering, he wants the atmosphere clean, and is that with so many bicycle, misses the Rexona."

"The tie does not like, or the Te Deum of Seo, and as can be seen in the falla only enchants him .. bean stew. As things go out for nothing, tasty parties, are already famous, the mayor bean stew ...".